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Ed McGuigan

Nice run through. Mine arrives today. I mess around with karaoke at home and wanted some voice effects, a decent mic pre for my Sennheiser E835 and the loopback function that it offers so I can easily record my singing with karaoke tracks playing from an app on the same computer as I am doing the recording on in a different app.

It is a great "jack of all trades" option.


Thanks for the great review... actually wanted to buy steinburg ur 22 + behringer analog mixer but I think this has it all ... one question please, can I connect ag06 to ipad for software dsp effects purpose (via usb) and route back the wet signal to an amplifier via the output? Thanks in advance


Can I hook up 4 studio monitors using both the stereo and monitor outputs

Decor Story

Hi, thank you for sharing, because I'm considering to buy this mixer,...

I have one question though, do I have to change buffer and latency setting on audacity or just leave it in default which is 100ms and -130?

Thank you and greetings from Jakarta Indonesia


Could I use this console to play a live set on FACEBOOK? Will it give me Stereo sound?


This seems a cheaper option than the MG10XU. Do you think it is as good or even has some advantages over the MG10XU?

Tek Overclocked

my question is if i can hear my self live while recording... some mixers don't allow it


Any chance you can do a guide on how to setup this mixer, your mic and the software to livestream on something like Wirecast or OBS? Mac if possible.

Jorge Ochoa

Hi there, I started to use garageband and im debating between Focusrite Scarlett Solo and this one, just to record my voice and some instruments. I got interested in the Yamaha because it has a lot more features, but all I want is to have the minimal noise in my recordings. Which one do you recommend. Thank you in advance for your time.

Kwenu Beats

Thanks for this. Will it allow me to record off the Maschine DAW?

Matthew Prince

Is there any way to connect 2 sets of speakers to this? I want this to produce music and heard good things about the audio interface in this. I have some Yamaha HS7's as my studio monitors but want some other speakers too (more coloured listening speakers) to test my levels and having the ability to swap from one set to the other quickly would be good. Any way to do this? Nice review btw!


Can i plug my headset (jack 6.3) for playing games ?

Jean Kabeya

The Roland Quad Capture that I have does NOT have separate headset/monitor
output, which is a huge setback for me! It has the same sample rate as the Yamaha, but less input possibilities, and it costed ¼ more than the Yamaha! You can safely guess what my next interface is going to be! Great review, by the way. Very nice!


hi there,
May I ask if the DSP effect is realtime ?
I mean you talk and get the realtime dsp effect sound in monitor speakers.
thank you.


I have already had this wonderful mixer for some time now I wanted to review some tutorials to remind me of its functions


Would you recommend the ag03 or the ag06 at its current pricing?

Rodney Tristan Ocfemia

This is a mixer and an audio interface basically right?

My friend had a focusrite usb 2i2, 2nd generation for streaming, and he had one of the best quality when talking on stream/discord/teamspeak I've heard. So I bought myself one, and the Audio Technica AT2035. My quality was terrible, so I considered buying the same mic he had (the scarlett solo mic). Dunno why my quality was so bad with a mic that should be better, but for my point and question:I bought a new mixer today, was between the Yamaha AG06 usb and the Yamaha MG10xu. I went for the MG10xu, but I'm considering maybe going for the AG06… Read more »

so IT IS!! "insanly<<??"aaahhh powerfull that mixer... right.

Freddie Shreddie

you can not record and listen to logic at the same time. it doubles up. useless waste of my time and money

Galen Kamran

Hi, I want to record my acoustic drum kit, 1 overhead and either 2 or 3 more for kick and toms and add the result to a drumless stereo track. Will this do the job or am I better getting something like the Behringer U Phoria Umc404hd? Great channel!

xxx yyy

I am uncertain, can channels 3-6 be used with microphones (with the right connectors and separate phantom supply as required)?


I have already had this wonderful mixer for some time now I wanted to review some tutorials to remind me of its functions

Riando Tarigan

Yamaha mixer mg vs ag, which one is better for recording music ?
I want to record 1 digital keyboard stereo and 1 digital piano stereo.
Pls opinion. Thanks

Ricardo Sequeira

Hi Everyone, I have a question: I am considering buying the AG06 for my home studio but I don't really understand if it is possible to connect an instrument to channel 1, namely a bass guitar. Is that possible? I am asking because I want to connect a bass guitar on channel 1 (mono), a synth on channel 2 (mono) and a keyboard to channel 3 & 4 (stereo). Do you guys know if this will work? Thanks for any reply and/or suggestion"

Edson Cordeiro do Valle

Very nice review!!!
Is it possible to send all the inputs from the AG06 to the computer using USB? Do I need an extra hardware fot this?


I kind of miss the ability to actually change the EQ on the inputs, because my current one offers this functionality and I couldn't live without it.
Maybe there is a good Software solution but if the AG06 would offer something like a hardware EQ I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Also, are the preamps good or do they create a lot of noise? (My XLR Mic has a low volume sadly)

(Currently using my old-ish Xenyx Q802USB, don't buy if you need good preamps!)


I returned that BULLSHIT Focusrite usb interface and got the Yamaha AG06. The AG06 can be bus powered or plugged in. I have no latency issues, the sound quality is superb, has jacks for ¼ or 1/8 inch and can even produce a bit of reverb & compression. Absolutely brilliant !

Randy Gast

Soooo you're saying you're sittin' on the fence on this one ...

bref con

Can you mute just one set of monitors, or mute button is for both sets at the same time ?

Can you somehow control which monitors will play at the time ?

Frank Herr

Thanks for posting this! Lots of good information, and your enthusiasm is infectious.