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anjlina kriplani

An Absolute Pleasure to follow an expert like ya self... For a career in DJing... before taking up any course... 🤩😍✌️🤗😘🙌🙌🙌🙌... the auto syn tip was excellent... 🙏 love... all the way from India... U rock

Simen Raaen

It would be interesting to submit one of my songs after 3-4 years of producing. 20 years of music theory. 😛


You can never truly polish a sample that sounds like turd!

Monkey Selektah

Quick question for the kicks, since all of this tracks except the last one, got their kick peaking on 40hz. Is it common in house, i heard something around peaking at 100hz one time, but i'm not sure if this is right? I'm producing hardcore and we usually got our kicks peaking at 60hz with a big range from 40hz-110hz. Where do you have your kicks?


Thank you very much for sharing your experience again. Your advices applied to the certain stuff are more valuable than lots of paid tutorials. Very efficient.

Mikael Holmström
Here are some Candy to really get your hands on if you don’t already know.KSHMR Sample Packs 1, 2 & 3Vengeance Electroshock Vol 2 (Here u will find all the Top DJs kick drums etc.)Vengeance EDM Vol 1Black Octopus Vol 1 & Vol 2 For Synths if u wanna have a pro sound use Nexus2 and get yourself some expansions. Reveal sound Spire synth with Alonso sound soundbanks.Sylenth 1 With Vandalism Soundbanks & KSHMR soundbank. Serum if u like big sounding super saws that I easy can make yourself within the synth and for some future bass sound u can… Read more »
Dhruvil Shah

Please Please Please please please please make a video on phasing issues (and how to detect phasing issues by SPAN analyser)

Akira Alita

Yeah and meanwhile, your music is shit. Bumb that you are. Don't even take care of your own GF right. Do you wash your own clothes yet? Asshole.


Thank you for the good explanation. That helps

Eduard Caloian

Hey Jon! just wondering why you always say you can't show the songs you're working on? Especially in the case of this video. I mean you see artists like martin garrix teasing even rough projects sometimes on snapchat and stuff like that even though it might later turn into a collab with someone else or something like that.

Phillip Smith

Hey Jon! Thanks for these reviews, as always. I'm curious about your settings for the Span analyzer — can you share?

Poykeh Official

9:50 I never thought I would be part of a Jon Sine's video. Without asking !
Ok, it was only a comment of Yuppi åäö 's Soundcloud title. But still 😀 Ha ha quite surprising and funny though.

Sledge Stonecore

What was your old distributor and what is your new distributor ?


#1 MISTAKE — Making EDM in the first place 🙂