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Levin [X_X]

I am really confused between choosing the m audio oxygen 61 mk4 and the m audio code 25......... could you help me out...?......I am gonna have only one midi contoller and confused about which one to buy among them......HELP ASAP.......

Busines Martinez

Eres muy bueno bro, tus ritmos son excelentes, gracias por la ayuda.


Great video and very informative! 😀 I'm hoping to buy a USB/midi keyboard and an outboard analogue synth that can be controlled via midi. Is there any way I can get an arpeggiator to the analogue synth if the midi keyboard doesn't have one built in? Like through my DAW or something? Help would be much appreciated from anyone, thanks! 🙂

Ekow Sound

M-Audio is on some bogus canceling the white code 61 keyboard