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I like jello but...
I cant believe he's so ignorant?
Like yeah JoJo may not be the deepest, most well thought out manga in history
But that isnt a reason to disrespect araki's writing like that and say jojo has no depth at all
Like if he took a second to look at it and read it well and through, maybe he would catch up with all the themes and symbolism
Shows how much of a real writer he is
I cant wait to see how his tumblr comic actually plays now, knowing how critical and small minded he is

Maxim Kosterov

Logarithm approaches infinity, that was an exponential on the image

Jack Of aces

If D4c got pieced with the requiem arrow it wouldn't be d4c requiem it would be 4:02

Brendan Moreland

I hate having the same first name as Jello 🙂
Thanks for cursing the name yOU ASSHAT

Made Pandora

You're honestly one of my favourite youtubers at the moment

King of heroes Gilgamesh

4:47 He used the world instead of Za Warudo because he was being serious.

Mob Destroyer

Pardon me, but what exactly has Jello done (besides childishly winging and whinning about JoJo content [which in it of itself is a bit ironic]) to make himself less popular?

Having an opinion in 2019.

Elsword is pay to win heavy dont play it if you enjoy life.


9:01 ah yes a fellow Thicc Thighs Save Lives Association member

[OPFOR last operator standing.]

"She can only make big things soft"

Marco Song

I’ve been watching for like a month, and i decided to sub because your channel hit 100k.

TehWaffl Houze

I have only been here for a bit over half a year, but it really is nice to see you get more subs and fans.


lmaooooo even IF jo jo wasn’t deep you can literally analyze and make a video on anything you want literally anything ever fuck is brendan even saying just say you don’t like the show n dip


been here since 27k, cant wait for u to reach 1 mil


Only good animators are people who are associated with chris O'Neil aka oney


Some say The Shuckmeister is so ugly that cameras break in his presence.

Kristian R

5:45 What she should have said was that you're a pedophile

BenAndre Rensburg

The absolute madlad is actually on the way to surpass xforts

Seth King

DIO: Giorno I'm going to get some milk I'll be back soon


DIO: I'm back and I got the milk so what happened while I was gone?

Giorno: I became the most powerful being in existence and I own the mafia now

DIO: Look at you wipes tears already on your way to conquering the world. I'm so proud

Jonathan Carmona

I have connections with the boss. I can tell him to send his Unità Speciale out against Jello

puppy jays plays riblox

Yay glad you like the 100k gift

Robert Santos

You don’t know how much I cringed when your team Rocket intro played. That roada rolls da... 😑

Scuba Q

Honestly when I was thinking about Diavolo never reaching the truth, as well as when I read the Green Green Grass of Home arc, I've gotten so used to calculus that the first thing that came to mind when reading both of these arcs was a parabola and an asymptote...God, I'm so glad I'm exempt from Calculus I in college.