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Enrique Ruiz

I love it!!!!!! Honda and Toyota what?! Hyundai is putting them to shame

X Finity

Can you please do a review on the new 2020 Ford Explorer ST? Thanks!

ludus tonalis

stupid design...
telluride much better than this...

Derrion Brumfield

Ok palis side? Really. Its definitely pali (sade) not side. Like Lemon (ADE). And what weirdo holds a yellow pointer finger. This video just grosses me out.

Jeff Potter

...ha, ha how do you get "ide" out of "ade"?


great another suv for the riches,,,, thanks hyundai P1326... hope its not in this engine

Mitchell Pritsker

Looks very Korean because Hyundai and Kia are both Korean car manufacturers.

Mitchell Pritsker

Do a night time video of the 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited?

Lionel Southern Pacific AC9

please, could you really do a review of the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica 35th Anniversary Edition?

cas shaw

I messed around with a Telluride. Visually gorgeous...but when you see the materials in person its a bit chincy.

Vel Boone

Much as I love the telluride, the palisade is better...

Edd Starr

Mike — I absolutely Love your pronunciation! You remind me of my family and friends from North Carolina and Virginia. After years of living on the West Coast, listening to your car and truck reviews always make me feel closer to that part of the country I still call Home. Thank you.


It would be nice if Hyundai made a pick-up version of this. hint-hint.

chuckwalla 2

They should have a 2-row option. I don't want that 3rd row seating that won't be used 99% of the time and just taking up space with added weight.

Michael Joseph

Does this have power folding side mirrors?

Vids by V

Thank you so much for bringing back the panic function in your videos! Those are one of my favorite parts!

Toribio Valencia

Saludos mike para esperando estes bien y pases buen dia

Kingg Willy

im definetly buying this vehicle. i want to buy the top of the line one, this car will last me a very long time. perfect for me, everything ive been looking for, i love it, it reminds me of a cross between a hearse and a mini escalade.


OMG as soon as I saw that little stick hand I laughed so hard @ 1:33

Lionel Southern Pacific AC9

could you please do a review of the new 2020 KIA TELLURIDE?

Lionel Southern Pacific AC9

can you do a review of the 2019 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator?


Might be too soon but request to review the 2020 Ford Explorer ST or Platinum, please. Thanks.


I gave a thumbs up just for the finger pointer alone!

Rene Sarmiento

Palisade is a beach city in California .

Gilbert Hernandez

Great review too bad they won't be selling it in Europe. Probably because of it's size. Fantastic SUV just the same.


Another good review Mike. Waiting for the night video


You forgot the all around ambience lighting in the interior doors (you choose the color or put on auto if you want). It looks amazing at night time.


It’s an ugly SUV. I saw one the other day and they styling is just bad. The front end is too busy. Koreans cars also have that cheap and unreliable vibe.

Jaidyn Trevonne Williams

Hmm, I’ll add this to my wanted car list. And plus my dad has a 2018 Santa Fe Sport. Nice video, it makes me want the car more plus that I want the Ford Expedition.


Mike. Thanks for the awesome videos. Can you PLEASE do the Telluride SX AWD as well?

Richie Manrique

you forgot to mention the trim of this one...

Curly Pubes

You know it will be a great review when the host can't say the cars name properly It's PALICE-AIDE, like the city in California. Please do your next review on the Kia Tellurood.


Great review of this SUV , we like this channel. Inspired us to start world of luxury channel. Still growing and will sub back all new subscribers, and comments are welcome, thank you. 🖐

Cody Smith

Love the colorful instrument cluster I would buy it just for that, but great suv all around one of the best ive seen yet. I would buy one, 2ed suv would be the telluride kia. Both are a great price with alot of options and well built.

Krystal Wilson

This is so cheesy to me why they made a car just like Kia did lol

Gio S6

I love that sound 14:55 reminds me of a Lexus starting up! Good job Hyundai 🙂