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Xtra Spice Mikey

3000euros alpha piano thingy.,,,, hmmmm, no I'll think I'll stick to my alpha juno thanks lol


Nice to hear you talking german / deutsch 🙂


for the furby tune problem:
coulnd't you replace the system clock by a variable clock (even Voltage Controlled)? That way you would't have to use an extra furby for every extra note. (kind of like the wtpa2 diy sampler works)

Filipe Gomes

Amazing, i just loved this video. The tune in the end was just great

Bagas Maulana Y

This tour was a dream! I wish synthesizer scene is getting bigger and going to public, thank's a lot 8 bit guy!

Ryan Weiss

Spelled "Thomann" wrong in title. XD I think of them as the Sweetwater of Europe.


Thomann is known Amongst string players cause Thomann makes some of the best strings on the market.


oh man Im so glad to see you at this! your channel is the only synth youtube show that actually got me to seek out a piece of gear! I am a proud owner of a Yamaha PSR 12 that I needed after watching the soundblaster video. Thanks for all the great content!


Red = Right = Ring — easy to remember

Anders is doing it right.


Youtubers... modern day rockstars lol Love your stuff mr. 8-Bit!


okay you want to google "haribo spaghetti sauer" or "hitschler schnüre sauer" and pick a flavor or 10...

Lorin Atzen

Hack a squad of Teddy Ruxpins... That's nice and easy

Haruka Takahashi

This is a very good video with the people & fun stuff x3

Haruka Takahashi

21:55 " I don't drink" what the phrase should be " I don't drink alcoholic drinks

N Gauge England -Synthematix-

Nice instrument, but i much prefer the older roland system1

Michael Schluetter

Genial! @David, du sprichst ja deutsch!

Jason Smith

Best episode in a while...
Make a Part 2...


You even manage to get nothing more than a cheap 8-bit sound out of a powerhouse synth like the Reface CS . Well done!

Dave B

23:00 What is the name of this song they play on the "air keyboards" Reminds me of the 80 's

Kill Everyone

Dude you're a legend. What CAN'T you do? I love your videos. Keep making them.

Callum Burns

Thomann: The Ikea of music, audio and stage! I have spent far far too much with them 😐


Oh well ... one of my favourite YouTubers was just 40 km away from me ... I could cry ...

Punch Wa

PLEASE what is the name of the melody 9 MINUTES 40

Punch Wa

S'IL VOUS PLAÎT quel est le nom de la mélodie 9 MINUTES 40

Cali Brothers Studios

ples look in to the dell dimension 4700 some time soon

Paavo Ylönen

Thank you for accidentally making the sensible choice and taking the train instead of flying that short distance. Your German is good! I especially enjoyed the Reface demos and your chat with LMNC. Thanks!