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Darksiosa 1200

Okay who the fk if that blurred mans face?


random fat 14yr old kid joined the chat

Him: she cute chomping on chips

Your Odd Squad Leader

The otaku dude trying to stop the unravel from playing any further is my friend whenever I play it on piano too. But instead of saying she 'hate' it, it's actually the feels.

MiniGhost GT

This guy in 6:40 was happy when he saw her alone,but when the beatbox came he was shit she has a boyfriend

Alex Da JaguarMan

Many of the men look so disappointed when they see Marcus come in...

platinum jar

Legit every person here makes me uncomfortable except the 1 percent that are amazed

Can i get 300 subscribers? please

She should have played the totoro's opening jk...


I like how Marcus can actually play for the pervs now just by putting a girl on the screen. They don’t just skip right away and its kinda funny and interesting.

Raiku Uchiha

Wdym!? Unravel is one of the best op for Tokyo ghoul

Kori Madison

I’m a man of culture.

20 seconds later

Play Taylor Swift

Like shut up man


Hello, person scrolling down the comments. Happens to be you found mine! Have a nice day 🙂