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"most of the pros use outboard gear"

Maybe in the 90's. I know plenty of producers these day are almost entirely in the box, though this depends on genres


Great Video, I Own a virus ti2 polar and Love the sound design capabilities it has to offer, been contemplating on getting a Virus c and wasn't sure weather it would be worth getting one or not, but watching this video has made me decide to get one . 🙂

Dirk-Ulrich Heise

Interesting. So there's a great need to make the enormous possibilities of virtual analog machines accessible to musicians who don't want to study digital signal processing — which is perfectly understandable. THinking of patch morphing software here; a meta-GUI.

Skull Fucker

I own a C and its my little baby cant see myself producing music without it , best synth on the planet

Renaissance Man

Shame that new Virus TI2 cost a fortune. The other synths like Waldorf offer similar and better value. love the Virus but way pricy and now can download a VST and use that. The Elektron Analog 4 is great as well.


I’ve had the Virus C Indigo 2 Redback since 2007 or something. I love the black synth with red Lights! Best looking synth to me. But yes,i agree that you need to work a bit harder to get the desired sound out of the Virus,compared to,for example,Roland JP-8000.

just sold my polar TI for the very same reason today. it was sitting on my desk unused and when used it was only as midi keyboard. too complex, too perfect although the TI feature never worked for me and I could basically only use it as a standalone synth not to mention the lag it was giving me when tried to sequence it in multimode. but otherwise great synth, I just didn't have the use for it. had it for almost 10 years and tried to sell it probably 10 times but always gave it another chance. bye my… Read more »

And the pros work with mastering experts


I want to sell my VSTs and buy one box with some knobs... I just can't get anything done on a PC. Maybe I'm lazy but i want hands on some knobs and a more streamlined workflow.

michael marshall

totally agree is best sond virus. i have tried them all and virus c is so much smoother to my ears.
great video.

Pure Ambient Drone

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This synth excels at Ambient sounds, pad sounds especially. I have a Virus KB and yes its a few years old but the sounds are great and its built like a tank.

Blake R.

You made the right decision, I'm aiming to have this as my first outboard synth. I already work with outboard signal processing but as far as instruments go I have none atm. I got turned onto this initially by Showtek.

Дмитррий Иванов

Великолепный синт и руки которые крутят его!!! СУПЕР

pigo & pogo malescy

i had a virus c too, never been friend with it, it sounded dead and muffled to my ears, boring to fiddle with and not inspirational. Its good for pads tho, and maybe a good professional workhorse. So not for me 🙂 Just a personal opinion, don't get triggered.

Andy Ford

Hi, I have searched your other videos to find out which other synth has as much modulation options as the Virus KC but I can't find it, and chance you could name it here? Thank you!