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Justice Beaver

You should get your hands on the Betsy Ross air max 1’s

George F

Never have been a fan of Pharrells, but damn these full grey's are sick! I think I gotta grab a pair now.

Piglet Says Hi!!!!

Did u cop the recalled air max sneakers?

Lost Millennials

For 120 can’t go wrong and like always boost is life

Robert Espinosa

This is the worst design of all. The nmd style or human race & BYW (boost you wear) were both fire. The new design looks like a generic kitchen for fast food employees. adidas has lost some steam in the past year.

Glenn Robertson

Really want the triple white colourway of these

Tmek Gainz

What’s up roszko it’s you neighbor hood homeless bodybuilder. Love the videos and the cool squeaky white dude voice😂😂😂


I need those solar hu glide in the yellow color!


They’re not bad, I’m looking forward to those nmd’s coming out. I really like the cream ones and the black/gum sole🙌😍

Scorpion S

Not digging the solar glides... they look nice but I feel like Pharrell should stick to more of the humans and bring back the hype


That looks like a Steph Curry "Canon" UA shoe.

hard knocklife

Shoes dont have to be hype to be really dope. I love this silhouette


Are these shoes going to be limited edition like the Pharrell NMDs or the yeezys?

Sa m

only shoes i want at the moment are the nike cpfm vapormaxs and the yellow solar hu 🍋


Any Pharrell Sneakers you looking forward too this year??? Let me know!!

David Phistry

How is the comfort on these compared to the Ultraboost?

Wayne Chang

Hi Roszko, is this same comfy as ultra boost?

B. Johnson

Basically an ultra boost without the cage 👎 good price though

SSB Brandon

These shoes are cool, but the sock shoe trend is over. Pharrell needs a cool dad shoe


Yo does anyone know where I can get a legit Wyoming hoodie?

Erik Coxen

Can’t beat it for the price and comfort. Have the OG black pair and wear em all the time. A great beater sneak