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eric martinez

I have seen a few other people say the knit does glow and the laces...

The Xardas

Got a pair strait from the store to stockX. Now I can buy LA to Chicago from resellers and a nice lunch. Thank you Adidas for making an ugly shoe I truly dislike and was not tempted to keep even for a second. I also have to mention GLOW release was horribly handled by Adidas. Weird drop few days prior to release date and then no online pairs. WTF was that? Adidas throws a tantrum?

Ruben Olivo

Prime knit does glow... gotta charge them properly

Seth Fowler

QUICK UPDATE! I just found out that I cannot link the Giveaway in the description! You can find it linked on my Instagram Profile @RealSethFowler which IS linked in the video description! SORRY about that everyone!


You really don't have to go up a size. I just wear thin socks.


Seth, the whole entire shoe glows... excluding the net lining that goes through the middle. I have them in hand. It’s just harder to get the primeknit to glow.

Vincent Wackerbarth

I got em and they do glow everywhere just take your phone light and hold it on the upper part of the shoe

Fabianni Cabrera

I wear 10.5 us in vans old skool, should i go 11 in the coming 350 v2 black?


I’m confused are these low-key fake because they don’t fully glow ? All the other videos I’m seeing in the whole shoe was glowing


The whole shoe does glow including the upper when you charge it with a UV flashlight. And it's super bright right after you charge it.

Payam Samadian

upper glows too but not as strong as the sole , also shoe laces are glowing too

Lee Zheng

The upper prime knit does glow too. You need the black light to fully charge them. However the upper prime knit fade quicker than the mid/out sole. But the whole shoe glow!