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Man you have to make more videos! You'll blow up I promise. I'll turn on post notifications. You better post I'm looking forward to it 😉

MPM Producer

OH MY. COMPLIMENTS from another producer!!!

Anand Sunku

Can the velocity sensitivity be switched off in Akai mini in the hardware itself

Anand Sunku

What is the software you are connected to in midi

Michał Bu

You convinced me that i made a very bad decision buying a fukin Ps4 Just a week ago, damn boy i want that shit!!

Khalidov Shamil

Did you think about to show your FL display? )

Kuleshwarkumar Prajapati

कैसे डाउनलोड करें

Tiêu Dao Vương

quá tuyệt vời . có thể làm beat rap

Supermike Rodanas

Is it a random freestyle,starting with absolutely no idea of where to go and you built up.Or is there a whole process of brainstorming and finally you take them into work while filming?

Funkmaster Blaster

Dude has four tracks...sounding better than the majority of multi track releases out today...

Mario Trevino

Whoever this person has one bright ass future

honor paige

Please can u make this to a full song, this is absolutely amazing and creative and my favourite so far xx keep doing more