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So pleased you enjoyed what we created! So grateful to be a part of this.
Much love,
Sapphire xo

Getaway's escape

Idk how did you do it so fast, but I'mma turn this into a music box cover

Getaway's escape

Update: Its done aka music box cover (yeah I already credit you in my description box)
And for that, you got a new sub.

Tora Satriani

Great Job👍👍
Watch Alan Walker Unity Drum Cover On My Channel...Thanks

MUSICHELP {musichelpdude}

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maddyg 123

Me: there can’t be a piano tutorial on this song it’s only been out for like a day

Me an hour later sees video


Rakesh kumar

Woah awesome video, would love for a piano cover of "on his knees" by Danny Elfman for FSD

Thông Trần

You press some notes are too waste need to remove some notes in your song to make it prefect


You are not alone
Believe in yourself
Together we are unity