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Karim B.

I was very fascinated by the sound coming from Alesis Andromeda A6, but seeing ur vid makes me question the credibility of this brand...I def won't risk buying an Alesis. Thx for the tip <3

Francisco Pascual

Fuck I just bought it ...I try looking for reviews and found basic one's that just covers on how the keyboard is real good...but then just today your vid pops up and now I'm like wtf LoL gonna save some money for 6 months I guess...what 49keyboard do you recommend really don't care for the knobs

Sheeko Production

i have the q49 and i use it heavy use and i really fuck it with my product genre its called "شعبى" and i give q49 5 stars , whats ur problem ?

milk bath

Dat Quadraverb tho, dat Ion tho, and dat 3630 tho...


First think the thumpnail says "Gruss" and in german this means greetings 🙂 so greetings from germany back 😊

Olin Morris

i recommend the keystation by m audio if u need a nice cheap keyboard

Hans Kracht

Almost bought it as my first midi keyboard.

Glad i fucking didn't, won't change my arturia essentials 49 for nothing, even if its pads are a bit hard to press