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Deezer M

would love to see more tutorials on this, this looks very interesting !

Christophe Capeau

Nodes and modular... Modular is the way it works and nodes are the components (or 'modules') you use in the modular enviroment.

Spagg Trait

Okay, I got this, and it is easily worth the 50, — You can do so much with this, just need to take some time to get into it.

VCV Rack Ideas

sorry but this is not beat VCV Rack for me. too much text and UI don't to force my creativity...

Reed Crisis

Some helpful features like the text search and the descriptions. Interesting one.


Nice modules and overview! As a web developer, node-based is slightly misleading since m4l 8 has node js built-in.


cool Reaktor-like synth. I think over time, if they add more filters and some of the weirder effects that are out there in the modular world this could become very powerful.

Very interesting. I'm so fascinated by the new interest in modular-styled plugins. It used to just be pd or Max (who made Beap to make it more accessible), then things like Reaktor came along, and now there are things like VCV Rack, which kind of blew the doors open with its open-source approach. It's hard to keep up with everything. I love the diversity of options, but the learning curve always makes me slow to reach for everything I find interesting. Especially considering most basic modular options are just different approaches for employing a lot of the synthesis engines that… Read more »
Erik Beeson

Nice walkthrough. It's great to see your process when working with this type of interface.

Looks like Alpha Forever is Windows only, but similar principles can be applied to Audulus on mac/ios (also node-based), or even a more traditional "modular synth" emulator like VCV Rack (open-source, mac/windows/linux).

Patrick Ster69

Looks cool but reaktor is way better 🙁