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Which Kontakt libraries do you like better for solo? I've tried Alecia'a Keys and I found I liked this one better, but I'd like to find one plug in that's just great for piano.

Hank World

Sounds good, thanks, Is this like pianoteq, so piano simulated by software, instead of sampling?

indran subramaniam

u should go ahead as a voice actor ...will achieve huge success brother...


your voice looks for my soul.
anyway,loved the content


One word from this guy = gets all the ladies instantly.

Jon Vincent

Really it’s NOT ‘piano five’. The V is for virtual

JTP Covers

Your voice sounds better than the pianos. xD And those are good pianos!


Another awesome video! Still incredibly pleased that you liked my track 😀

Avum Music

Thanks for the vid! Was actually looking at this during the week

Azure Eyes

Their Rhodes is actually really good! Stage 73V

Amon Raun

Nice one as always! So which piano vsts do you prefer and are there even free ones with high quality? I was thinking about getting The Grandeur, which I was assuming might be a good choice for this garage wave stuff...