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This looks great, but once again it's just software. Are they planning a hardware controller dedicated to the software.

dirk keersmaekers

Good stuff,but nothing new with sounds.

Billy Patron

Every softsynth or DAW should have a sequencer as simple and intuitive ad that. Great review. Much obliged.

Station 2Station

I've got it installed in my studio. So far I've sound it redundant and frankly anticlimactic. I understand the powerful modulation possibilities, but instruments like the Digitone have much more character. I like the Modulation Matrices visualizations, but sound is king and I haven't been creatively inspired by the software, yet.

Matteo Gazzolo

What can it do that Serum or Omnisphere cannot do? I feel like no "new" plugin synth is possible anymore... The best one is the one you feel better with.

Andy Jardine

I wasn't even contemplating this till I tried the demo last night. Think I'm gonna have to buy it now really impressed. The workflow seems easier than other soft synths I own

Hulk Slayer

Wait... You can download and run it on a Tablet?!!!!

Erik Hilbrands

it seems a lot of focus is on technology nowadays, but can you simply finish a track ? i can't... and arturia is not going to do it for me or any other softsynth.

Mark de Muze
Thank you very much for creating this video Robin. I am going to give Pigments a try although i already own a great many VST instruments. Personally i don't like when a synth has too many flashing lights or moving lines because this would distract me from actually listening to the sounds i create. I'd be too much ooh and aah, what's this and that, but as i said, i will give this a try. 😉 Thanks a bunch Robin and wishing you and your loved ones a gazillion moments of happiness these coming days and all the best for… Read more »
k v

The Surgeon filter in this is prolly the best filter i have ever used.


totally agree with you, Arturia exactly understood what lacked in the VSTi world: a great GUI for a pleasant and inviting patch creation experience! I'm going back to my PC since I bought this wonderful synth.
Bravo Arturia! (French pride lol)

Arthur Z.

I like the Modulare Synth in the background!


Dude looks like one of Eric Wareheim's characters, but great vid!


You have some fantastic observations about the current state of VSTs. This is exactly what I want out of an overview like this. Thank you. Aside from an amount of needless negativity, well done. No developer that can release a VST is "an idiot".

My one big wish for this VST is to add MPE support. It's a small thing, but I greatly enjoy playing with it.


"Here we have functions, I don't understand what they're all about. But they are lovely". Pfff!


Your comments around 34:00 are interesting because I kinda take a middle approach with presets vs. building sounds from scratch. I usually like to find a preset that I think sounds like something I could use as a starting point, and then I just tweak it and tweak it until it really isn't the preset anymore, but it's a lot more fun because I didn't have to start from a totally basic boring sound. I start with something already developed, and then develop it into my own.


The only Apple I have is a G4 for my OASYS-PCI. Touch screen is of no importance.

Lennard Villasenor

I had already seen several videos for this synth since it came out and was not really interested in adding yet another wavetable hybrid to my VST stable, that is, until I saw your hands on review and realized the interactive and visual fun to be had. I am considering buying this now after watching your video.


They updated the FX page so it’s now got dynamic visuals and modulations. It looks a lot better.

Michael Parker

FWIW, you had the "Amount" knob set to 0 when demonstrating wave folding & phase distortion, even after adding an LFO to the wave folding knob, so it actually had no effect on the sound...

matt catlow

I absolutely love this guy! (Subsequently pigments too) what an incredible show and tell...

Martin Sotirov

The orgy of sound is strong in this one.