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I'm comparing Cerberus (which I bought last night) with Damage and Heavyocity's Master Suite and thinking I probably didn't need more drums. But since I bought it, here's my 2 cents as an owner of those two similar products by Heavyocity and EWQL's Stormdrum 2. To me the Heavyocity products have a bit more power, way more sounds, and I like the sound stage idea they use. I thought maybe having MIDI files on the loops would be cool — like what was done with Stormdrum 2 — but the loops are disappointing and there aren't many of them. Stormdrum 2 handles… Read more »

You said in another video that Damage is your go-to library for that stuff, how does it compare? 🙂

berintz music

Cerberus vs Strikeforce from Laboratory Audio. Which one is the best and for which purpose ? Thks

Aaron Costello

I couldn't help myself and ended up buying this yesterday... I also got so hooked that I ended up calling in work sick... so not only did i lose 150 pounds on this library... i also lost a days wage. Totally worth it 😀 The processed patches also taught me how badly iv been mixing my percussion so thats a nice bonus 😛

Matrix Play

Hii alex
"Hassan learns french cooking"
Is the orchstral music by
A.r rahman
Can you make it??
I m from india
You are great bro...


Could you make a cool drum pattern with the KSHMR VOL2 Orchestral Drums and the FL Studio drumpad?


Do you do your own sound design or do use SFX from libraries? Do you ever struggle with feeling like an 'imposter' for not creating your own SFX from scratch?