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Mat Taylor

Just ordered mine off Amazon. Going from an Oxygen 61, can't wait.


You can use this piano as midi keyboard for apps like FL studio right? Also was the sound from the speakers in the end of the video?

Ixjxjxj Jxjxjdklsk

Do you have sheet music for that song

Conor Leddy

Are there built in speakers on the piano? And if so are they any good?

Định Phạm

— " In the fucking tinyass ... BENCH!"


I have a question, why is the sound of your piano is different from mine. I'm also using Yamaha p45

Top Spec

Just realized I said bench twice in a row early on, I meant stand the first time haha; thanks for the support — Aaron.

Jaime Quiambao

Damn your piano skills gave me goosebumps desu