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9:40 that is my friend coles last video. He shots himself. Rest In Peace cole. We all love you.

Jamie Fukofuka

i thought we were fam gess we just friends

Emma Icestar

she died of ligma

fortnite dances slowly and sadly

Dillon Barker

12:55 mini went full Riley Reid on that microphone


It's a nightcore version of Bitch Lasagna.


Wait... ninja gave everyone ligma????

I suppose it’s for everyone that watched him that they got ligma or something

Madison Ney

"I'll be going on tour soon"

Little did Mini know that that was actually gonna happen I'm CRYING

Riptide 2021

I'm am utterly disappointed in whoever did that 17:45

Adam Lauer

3:38 when he said he was touring soon he wasn't lying

JS Gaming

Hey I've watched anime for 2 f in years my voice hasn't changed

Jose Urdaneta

Cheesy on my peeny and sauce on my balls

Derian Trost

20:49 me when my girlfriend asks me what she should wear

shattered hopes

1:40-1:57 I so wanna do that when I get my dirt bike