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Tyler Gratton

The song is the same, it's not really a cover


It really wouldn't have been that much more to throw the melody on... :/


Nice, a version without her provoking voice.

z ץ ק ђ א

I want to buy an akai but i dont know how to use those programs

Robot spyder

Bruh you should’ve used the couch and fan and start questioning your existence


Oo nice audo technica headphones 😀 i have audio technicas 2500usb mic


Yo how long does it take for you to set this up

Error Sans YT YT

I was about to watch this and a Billie eilish ad came on at the same time 😂😂😂

G!anø -Chan

Nice cover of ‘We are number one’ !

Oh wait-

Raihan A. Ferdiansyah

i feel this like sponsbob, haha

Vinicius Henrique

Can someone tell me how he learns to play all these songs? help me please🙌🏽

dj nelson
Oye tu eres muy bueno hasiendo eso. hagamos un trato con migo, que te parase si estas interesado yo estoy interesado me avisas tengo un buen trabajo para ti no te bas a lamentar. Yo soy de puerto rico y estoy en. Los estados unidos y no se tu si quieres que te ayudemos y tu nos ayudas a nosotros que te parese si estas interesado Avísame nosotros somos dueños de la disquera. Carbón Music nesesitamos que tu nos ayudes a haser musica para estos cantantes me avisas... Delen like si quieres que. Este hombre se haga mas famoso de… Read more »
Daniel Villafaña

the lead melody of Bad Guy look like a track of Die Antwoord is strange

Armin macias ojeda

can you play the song of yepa yepa yepa artist silverio. of the city tulancingo guerrero


its sounds soooo goood, dude u're perfect!!!!

Rafael Palabay

Wow impressive but I still prefer the "meow"

david sameh

Wish you were a gay by bille ellish please