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De'Nya Holmes

I can tell that her hair used to be brown and NOW IT BLUE

Lisa West

The two girls singing are in a show on Netflix

gibr 00

Poderia colocar tradução em português né amigo não sem falar em inglês não,please traduction the portuguese, não sei se falei certo não

Kiarnah Robb

She has such a nice personality which makes her as a person so amazing 💕

FBI Federal bureau of investigation

Billie's 17 dafaq?

Juz Jokez

BILLIE: "Hearing these kids sing it"

ME: 🤔.......Uhhhhh...ain she like 16?

Roman 461

Bro her fan covers r many times more talented than her. Why aren't they famous?

Marissa Smith

I play violin and viola... but mostly viola

Jaedon Leon

I like how she says these kids when she is seventeen and they are like 20

Sally Face

Чем то напоминает Надю Дорофееву. 😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😑😑😆😆😆😁😀😄

Kalynn Messier

The theorist over here flexing on us with his air pods 😆

Haileywaiey23 Viall

Bille I love bary A friend it's awesome!!😍😍😍

Kalee’s CrazyAdventure

I only know how to use my voice 🙁

Ocean Slimzzz

Omg these people are really good they should go on X factor


Who came here to see Shane Dawson’s daughter

Johnny Konstantinov

Wait a second YOU SUNG, “You Should See Me In A Crown”!! I NEVER KNEW THAT, that’s my 2nd favorite crown. My 1st is, “Bury A Friend”!!!!!!!

Stephanie Schutt

Hey my name is Ariana to but I do yours has a double N

Elena Ruiz

am I the only one who checked the comments to see if Billie commented?

Queen likah

Omg in the thumbnail is Shane Dawson’s “daughter”

Cupcake And Coco

Love it biggest fan seen all of her videos

Baby AJ

When I was young I didn't think about my idols saying cuss words...🤐


Is it just me or Daisy Clark looks a little bit like Tove Lo :/

Ice Killah

she had to see bmth cover when the party's over


I like some of her stuff, really talented, but the last sentences she said were unpexpectedly deep and moving. Thanks Billie!

Charlotte Hastings

Kierra and Alyssa are in lost and found on Netflix

Palatic MuralBug

The reactions are android quality. Oh wait.