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Ari michi

Por favor no se mueran quiero que toquen en mi boda😢😍 cuando me case con taehyung 😍


Марина Ирина


Shahni Seokjin

I WANT THIS VER TO BE PLAY DURING MY WEDDING😲😲😲🤤😍 *but I'm still 17 y/o tho😂


우와 피아노가이즈가 케이팝을...

Greentea Tae

Okay but the smiles when the melody came in got me right in the feels — looked so content and purely happy to be playing this song 💜😩🙌🏼

Zaaf Muns

I always come back listen to this cover
They organized every note so well
I'm sobbing


Genius! Just add Jin to sing and it will take it up to a mind blowing notch.


Okay so tomorrow I have a concert and I am playing the cello and the song is Epiphany. And I am sooo nervous about it...

Hansy Naoki Wang

Ahh this cello always make songs ultra sad...man...😭

afna syifa

Verry beautiful. I always cry every time I hear it


처음엔 굉장히 멋있다 연신 감탄했는데 후반부에 울컥함...

Melody X

Thank you so much for covering Jin (Kim Seokjin) of BTS’ cover of epiphany!! This was absolutely breathtaking, the music, the performance, the video — everything. This song holds a special place in my heart through its message and I know it definitely means a lot to other ARMYs and BTS themselves, too. I hope that people who are unfamiliar with BTS will be able to enjoy this song and the beauty of it through which you have portrayed so well.

Ey Mart

I'M CRYING 😭😭😭 This is so beautiful ❤❤👏😭😭😭

Aiura L

This is absolutely as beautiful as Jin's voice — and that's the highest praise I can possibly give. ❤

Also, can I just say how perfectly the ambience of this video complements the piece itself? Everything from the camerawork to the colours reflect the song's simple elegance. Wonderful!

Jeonghan 1004

You should go to korea and do busking there.😁

Sarah Amjad

Seriously Jin would be happy after listening to this beautiful cover.