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Ivars Pundurs


Isomura Shion

l love this arrangement (:
How can l get the piano sheet?
l tried to get the piano sheet
from Gumroad but l couldn't find this song...

Rayla Farias

nossa gente socorro Deus, meu Deus isso ficou muito lindo

Mathéo Becker


Denise Llamas

Wow Good job👌👏👏👏👏👏🐯🐆🐯🐆🐆🐯❤❤❤

99041304 Davinci

Now I am working on the easier version, but once, I will be able to play the song in this difficulty.

Ivars Pundurs


Ivars Pundurs


Ivars Pundurs


Ivars Pundurs



this is my favorite song ever I hear

Ivars Pundurs



gee. if only i have four arms. but this cover tho

Aidan C

Can can I view or buy the sheet music of this version? Thank you


could you do a right hand only version?!

Alban Lestras

ça suit pas du tout la musique originale ça fait ch***, c'est génial de faire des tutos comme ça mais faites les correctements sérieux -_-

Darya Ionesco

This is the only song I can play on the piano


Can you play this song with 2 hands? There are some notes that looks to far for me
And I really want to learn this song

Kestrel Sheridan

i had a dream of my crush playing this song on the paino for me

динара Нуриахметова

Nala i love you

Maximilien Frink
There's a calm surrenderTo the rush of dayWhen the heat of a rolling waveCan be turned awayAn enchanted momentAnd it sees me throughIt's enough for this restless warriorJust to be with youAnd can you feel the love tonight?It is where we areIt's enough for this wide-eyed wandererThat we've got this farAnd can you feel the love tonight? (Tonight)How it's laid to rest?It's enough to make kings and vagabondsBelieve the very bestThere's a time for everyoneIf they only learnThat the twisting kaleidoscopeMoves us all in turnThere's a rhyme and reasonTo the wild outdoorsWhen the heart of this star-crossed voyagerBeats in time… Read more »
Lauren O

Good luck hitting that last note unless you’re Edward Scissor-hands, it might be a bit of a struggle! 😂 otherwise this whole composition was spectacular and heartwarming and I’m going to try and learn it regardless ❤️


Wishing to play this but my keys is not enought to reach that note

Ramir Duria

Read it as "Can I feel you tonight" at first.

Pedro Pablo Quezada Muñoz

El Rey Leon Accion Real 2019

динара Нуриахметова

ou Simba i love you


does anybody can actually learn with sythesia videos?

ANA CAROLINA{ Carolzinha } modelo mirim

REI LEÃO LION KING 😍😘😙😚😗😚😙😗😘😍🦁🦁

gianfranco gazzara avila

amo el piano, aprenderé a tocarlo <3