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Joe Jupiter

The cats could generate a clock signal with a photoelectric or hall effect sensor.


hey maybe with those cats you can make a lfo or something along those lines

Paul TheSkeptic

I don't know about those things but I have a cool idea. What about a synth that's designed with the person who knows nothing about synths in mind. So it's always in tune. You could grab a guitar and play a song and get some random stranger off the street to start pressing buttons and knobs and have yourself a jam session. That would be cool.

Nate Sassoon

this is an awesome channel but i'd like an explanation regarding the large safety pin you've fashioned as an ear ring

Hugh Mongus

Yeah, If you could add a button or a knob to sustain the note and a pitch knob and maybe a filter that would be a killer Commodore synth. ADSR would probably be crazy difficult to attach to this beast but that would make it a full synth. Then you could process the output through pedals, effect units or even through your modular.

Chinmay Nayak

You are a star mate! This is the best youtube chanel ever...

John Richardson

@LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER , would the Korg/Noritake Nutube 6P1 be a better instead of the +15V/-12V?????

Terence Edwards

what about zx 48K spectrum synth they have an internal speaker it should sound like a moog, in its day the spectrum was a littlefat piece of kit for its wieght and size which madeit difficult to use so the home was the only place for it get one and try u will need a book about basic u rnt thik it shiould take a couple off days ,,,,,,,,beep

Pete Urbann

Got any T-Shirts with "LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER"!

Infinity 528 Hz

Love these oldskool Commodores... 🙂 And btw u are really cool too 🙂 Cheers <3

5th dimension

boy that is a old computer you couldn't generator the power of a fart with it
in comparison today computers

Jacob Solbrig

circuit bend the motor on the lotto machine!


And to think, I was impressed when I watched the Brian May video about how he made his 'red' guitar! Now I'm thinking, pftttt!


you could turn the cats into modwheels .


u should make a distortion of death out of the skull ! 😀


That's awesome and everything but drill holes in that PET and I'll be threatening to unsub (I won't of course). The audio mod is great though.


A bit late to the party but... Turn that skull into an animatronic that sing demonic chants when you play the Furby organ...

Tossaja Lumen

put some hitler samples inside those arm waving cats

Peter Enis

Peter Enis dares you to transform the skull into a theremin. There must be lasers comig out of the eyes 😀


I made a sort of synth on the c-64, the next iteration of that machine... and it wasnt as good as what you have cooking there. You might enjoy jeri ellsworths c-64 bass.


Just looked up that pet synth, there’s not much about it on YouTube.

Bopalot Barnes

Did you ever do what you wanted with the commodore?

Ken Young

You should be running Apple's research and design.

Victor Rice
For the Guitar or Bass: Inside of a kids electronic booklet, I saw a switch which had two long metal contacts on either side, and one side the contact was continuous, and on the other, it was broken up X times, essentially making X switches when paired with a conducting bar (i.e. the actual "switch") which ran orthogonal to the other two. Makes me think, perhaps there's a way to do the same thing with the fret board. You could play it with a conductive slide bar or something like that? Kinda a half baked, poorly described idea, but there… Read more »
Stephen Walters

You said NO COMPUTER! That's a COMPUTER!

Михаил Писарев

Look mum, look mum no computer use a computer)

Jammy Namtron [crappy memes and S A V A G E master]

Look Mom no I have a Computer now

Sharky Sharklops

it doesn't get much more practical than hanging coats on something.

Paul Potter

I didn't know they could do that. Sounds great. I wouldn't mod it too far. Those are rather sort after old computers.

1998guys :D

the horror movie of 1998 the 3 green furbys

rakka1 dude1


Brandon Smith

I like your style man! A 4013 flip flop IC makes a dandy sub oscillator for stuff like this — have a separate pot for 1 and 2 octaves. You could probably tap power off the PETs power supply. Just be damn careful, that thing looks scary. Worked great on my old CS10

Pamela Merritt

I got a comador 64 u need to get a hold of me also a old books and lots if books for electronics and IBM old school from the same age let me know where to send the books to help u

Pamela Merritt

with the skull make a live wire between the horns that uses sound eaves to spark threw like one of the static globs