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oscar C

there are not comparison the U3 has better sound

Jim Kerr

I bought a new Yamaha U1 this past Sunday.  It will be delivered on the 5th.  While looking at and playing both models, I couldn't justify the $3500 price difference.  I happily settled on the U1, new, for under $9 thousand.

Jose Lopez

What song are you playing in the beginning?

Ajay Seth

what's the difference between the U3 and the UX1?Because I recently bought a UX1 and the sound and touch was a lot better than the U3.

katja michalk

Whats the Name of the Second u1 Song?..


Seems like the U1 is better than U3 in the tone. Not sure why.

Hanseey Coplat

eres un maestro. sabes sacarle lo mejor a esos pianos.

Garry Burgess

do any of these pianos have ivorite keytops?

Luca Freddi

whats the name of the first "piece"? thanks


I really like the U3, played on one in more than one occasion. Very impressive Bass projection, one of the best in upright pianos. I think the U1 is too bright/harsh, tough. However, the sound on this U3 is not very nice, but I think is due to the recording.

Christopher Simmons

Thanks, helping me decide on which to buy in 2019!

Master- Andre

Which one do you think is better: Yamaha B3 or Yamaha P116??

Robeir Amir

What do you think about the U1j is it a good piano to invest in? I heard the it loses it's tone quality after 5-10 years


Would love to hear the first and second songs in their entirety. Excellent playing.

Javier Fernandez

muy lindo video alguno save de quien es el fragmento que toca al comienzo del video por favor si saven me dirian grasias

Howard Ellison

Ouch! Audio compression in camera at 4:08 on the U3 makes comparison difficult! But these demos are miraculous. Well done The Piano Shop!

Kenneth Crombie Dawson

Beautiful playing! Trying to decide between U1 and U3 but don't live in the UK unfortunately.


The U3 has a sound very close to a Mellow Grand Piano, without the expense or space. The biggest issue with the U3 would be its very loud in a small room, however the sound is just too gorgeous to worry about the neighbors.