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Awesome to see you take care of your people buddy. Congrats again

Maddy Muhat

these episode are dope. richie giving back to his homies. congrats to 1m subs, you really deserve it.

_TrillBoi_ 707

I’m glad you finally hit 1 mill , Ive been subscribed to you since the beginning and I’m happy for you keep up the good work bro and god bless

Keisuke Tang

What’s the ID on tans black nike hoodie

Bryan Topete

We don’t skip commercials on Richie Le’s channel!

Andre Kee

I am so happy for you guys you all deserve it!! Rich you be being RIchie Rich treating your folk, big ups!! only good vibes bro!!

Bryan Torres

Dam we need sky the dog to get his present too hahaha 😅

Daniel Gomez

Who makes the blank tee you were rocking tho?

Jesus Forcado

This channel needs to be on 5 mil cause rich is to humble bro he the real MVP out of all you tubers I fuck with him

Stephon Chhan

Congrats on the 1mil, been with you since the beginning when you were with the fung bros.

James S.

Damn Richie started as a third FUNG Bro and now million subs! CONGRATS!! Hard work pays!!

Nicki Chan

Can you do a rate that fit video with the USWNT players?

Ben Kim

Damn Richie rich asf haha. Keep grinding bro!

Chuck Vino

I remember I found u like 3 years ago when Andrew Fung cut your hair in the kitchen for the Asian barbershop vid

Jesse Belagio

Seeing Richie give back to everybody was really dope and seeing his Channel grow was wild. Congrats

ΝαύτηςΒασίλης 15

These new teeth are killing you Can’t even speak damn

Bon Skeee

Congrats to the Team. Road to 2M. Keep it up.

Steven YorYor

Lets goooooo this video into just made me so happy.

Ci Cai

Richie hitting that 1Mil. Soon to catch up to Fung Bros in subs!