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Westy Xx

Why haven’t I heard of this song yet and it’s 2019 wtf, I’m really into this

Emmanuel Lopez

Is that what the 4th dimension looks like?!

Grinning Libertarian

playing super smash bros melee on a gamecube in a psychedelic music video by a revivalist-sound indie band is like, ten layers of cool maaan °~°`


Literally such a cool music video wow we love visuals

Patricia M. Plaza Rojas

I love psychedelic drugs... so I love this video so much <3

Lyrical unknown misfit

I feel like I entered the 4th dimension

Archie Dunham

10% of these views are just me watching on repeat

SpaceKee Beats

I don’t need LSD to feel light headed watching this shit lmao great song though ugly execution on video

SpaceKee Beats

After everyone tells you that lsd or getting high makes you a better artist

Prabhas Gangrade

The colour grading is so damn good!!!!

David Sloan

I came here for the cassette tape and the reaction.

Celeste 420

i love how this entire comment section is tripping people who are hella chill and trippin to some dope ass tunessss. everyones so nice on here,

Kawaii Cum Dumpster

Watching this on shrooms and shatter rn

Rick Robben

Took MDMA for the first time yesterday and sent all my good friends speech messages at 5am while crying from happiness with this song on repeat

god bless you friends

the poorebrothers

sorry that you feel alone when making music. I know the feeling and it hurts alot

Nayo Torres

The music video fits the song so goddamn perfectly 👌

P F / Dad Reacts

I accidentally clicked on this… best accidental click EVER.

Dat Boi Jojee

Fucksm i shoudlnt have watched this baked off my ass ahahahhaahahaha

Luis González

Im watching this while so high, now Im tripping

Lyrical unknown misfit

I think I’m in love with her voice

Troy Kroell

Really one of the best things I’ve watched😂