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dom 123

4:28-29 sound like Anime show "Berserk" Guts theme song

dom 123

Intro voice with the reverb sound like beginning of an album in da 70s

Jeff Yentzer

Sounds nice, would like to know some of the chords that you were using

Major Spawnkill

Probably robbed it, he's a scouser 😂

Spidericemidas iOS Music Producer

Great stuff Doug. That Piano sounds lush through Eventide Blackhole. Really nice relaxing Piano improv over those ocean waves. Love the super chilled ambient vibe here. Wonderful playing, Doug, so dreamy. Ooohh...awesome painting, Jo! 🙂

Melody 'N' Light

Hi Doug, beautiful performance once again.

Could you please tell as to how do you manage the live audio of instruments while recording ?

Are you simply using the mic of your camera or the DAW for the purpose ?


Charles Telerant

I bought this keyboard partially on the basis of Doug’s video demo of it. Now I’m gonna have to get this app as well. Top job, mate!!

auditory mephit

Whats the name of the app making the sound of water with those orange waves?