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Kat Burns

Hope you enjoy my show and tell of my beautiful new piano! I'm very very excited. If you're not subscribed, what are you waiting for? This is Quality Content. Make sure to give this a thumbs up to let me know you like it. xoxo

Biomedical and Biological Sciences

Hello, Thank you for the video ... one question, does this piano give rythms ?

Goedele Viaene

Hey! I just got this piano, its amazing! But the only thing is: I don't find the way to transpose... The manual guide is not so clear... Can you help me out? Thanks a lot already!!

Derek Wheeler

Can you use the bluetooth to connect to like a sound bar or wireless head phones?

B Van Atten

How long have you had the white piano? Any reviews on it staying white and beautiful? Thank you!

Ken Li

This white wood doesn't have the wood pattern like the black right?

Artur Gajewski

Where can I hear the whole of the song at the end?

Les Waller International

Congrats on the piano purchase! Enjoy!!!

Kieron Circuit

It looks great, Kat. I had a chuckle at your comment about the gun sounds. Back in the 90s I used to have a Yamaha keyboard and one of the settings I remember is the machine gun sound.
Char is a super star and a dog with some comedic talents!


That's a gorgeous piano. Will we hear it on new music in the future?