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Dubious Engineering

Massive thanks to Neil for swinging by and getting stuck into this epic musical mystery machine! — Neils channel... https://www.youtube.com/user/RetroManCave


That "Satisfaction" tune in the beginning was quite catchy! Too bad the OP1 is so much money, it would make a nice little MIDI controller. 🙁

It's most definitely a pricey piece of tech and very powerful but I find too much of it's power is locked away behind the screen, limited buttons and an interface/operating system that only a mad scientist could really appreciate. The knobs are the ultimate control on it tho and I suspect just spending a lot of time with it will soon make it an essential piece of kit.I have enjoyed messing with the synth in a local music shop but I usually head straight for the modern analog synths (with modular elements) where all the knobs and buttons are all… Read more »

nicely done Howard and Neil, did you ever use the Amiga to make music with?