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Rex Kalashnikov

Yo friend on drugs? Why he gots ticks with his eyes?

Louie Bapestar

did y’all hear about the code to get free Travis Scott’s from footlocker they’re put randomly in the Reese’s puffs

Louie Bapestar

God damn you know Harlem seller got that mula stacked 10:38 . 15 pairs for half a G each .


Harlem reseller Tommy if your smart copy write that shit he is hilarious !!! I fuck with your channel heavy Bergen county baby New Jersey !!!!

PDS :/

So all sizes will have profit pretty much? Just go for a bunch of pairs

Rx Fly Fishing

Never had any 350’s how’s the sizing if I wear a 10.5 in Nike?

Othmaneelmir YT

https://youtu.be/PRKoZth5l2U MY TOP 5 FAVORITE YEEZY’S, please like and subscribe for more videos

Demani Age

Nigga need a bigger shirt bro. Big ass titties

Checks Over Stripes

The Sokonie Coka Mochas? 🤣 Bruh come on atleast know what your buying lol.

C's heat

When are you restocking the discord cook group I want in so bad

Ryan Hromada

Lmao you got banned bc your boy is a fuqboi

Bryce Arcenas

Just got em today off of the finish line raffle 🔥🔥🔥

spencer penney

TOMMYBOY looking like the puffs kids with that red nose. LOL

Mr Technics

your website says your premium is sold out thou...

Drew Holmes

I cant understand that kid with the dark hair when he speaks he muffles his voice and mumbles

The best shoe reviewer Hi

Can I have those please:)
I don’t have enough money to get ones by myself,
Those are my size too