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M. Vinícius Henrique

Qual o nome da música que o Lucas toca?


eliott's like:

oh shit he's good i can't believe i just offered him a triangle


James Franco and Robert Pattinson is how Elliot was created

David Carreon Garcia

Trata de subir la serie completa gracias y en español soy de México


Elliott knew he liked lucas, but after the piano peice he KNEW he fell in love with him. The want on his face is just so powerfully potrayed I love it!!

Kera Annice

My new favorite video😭😍😍😍I have watched this so many times already.

Roshon Collins

At one point Elliot just stops listening and just sees him 😩

Linh Ngoc

The way they look each other make me wanna scream and Elliott is f*cking handsome 😆😆😆

Caramel Tomato

Я не могу перестать пересматривать это уже которые сутки подряд... Это слишком прекрасно😍

Marielle Marroquin-Munoz

Why are some of the best shows in other languages

No Homo

"J'ai un triangle hein aussi" 😂😂 ce foutage de gueule 😭😂

Meenakshi Gour

The ways they looks at each other it melts my heart.


The Way Elliot is Falling For Lucas is So Natural And Pure❤️❤️

Suparna Brahma

I just loved the expression on Elliot's face...

Thanyaras Ktm

0.12. — 0.16. ‘ i want to grow old with you ‘ 💖 i am in love with a person not a gender !

Laura Cordeeo

This scene is truly beautiful. And am I the only one that is getting both call me by your name cubs and a bit of twilight mixed in. Also Elliott looks a bit like Robert Pattson in certain scene. These two and Even and Isak are definitely the definition of love and all it glory. Am I right or what

Nurul Ain

this is so weird i mean- i cant seem to ignore the way elliot kind of resembles robert pattinson and daniel radcliffe (when playing cedric and harry potter from harry potters movie) at the same time. i mean he kind of have 50/50 resemblance of their facial features...🤔 no...?

is it just me...?

ik im weird😂😌

Alina Marie

What's the name of this beautiful Song?😲

Mico Gumban

💐💐💐💐😍😍😍😍Love love love ❤️

jay K

what's the name of the song Lukas's playing? it's so good

nirvana sp

ohhh my gooood! It's so beautiful I just cry over and over😍😍💜


Eliott's reaction is everyone's reaction.