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Andrew TGM

My stock c type charger for the lg stylo is 5G/s and 5.1A


Theres nothing wrong just buy the right cable lol

bad meme

Theres nothing bad about this. It's like any other charger. It's like USB A. Theres different versions. USB C can also have thunderbolt.

Also, look at the adapter specifications before plugging into everything. Many adapters support different amounts of amperage and voltage.

You're making it sound way more complicated than it really is

Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel

I am still using a micro usb port


Well the problem is that they are not performing as advertised. They are not all up to the standards buying a better cable is not going to guarantee anything. At least I know what I’m getting with the lightning cable

Shiv kap

Everything wrong with Tech Insider: literally everything


Stupid. multiple types of usb c cables shouldnt exist.


Mostly people don’t know about this. I guarantee it.

Luis Escamado Nhamue

Okay. I will buy the previous version.
Next. Please do whats wrong with PCI express. So i can use agp or pci.

Tony Yu

Hmm, so no one cares about USB type A anymore? It has been used throughout USB 1, 2, and 3 (very likely on 4, too). But no one seems to be bothered? Now a new form factor all the sudden causing a lot of trouble?

John J

ot seemed like things were simpler when everything had a separate cable, that way you can’t mix them up in the first place, like even if you buy good cables not to break any of your devices it’s still annoying af when you can’t charge it with that cable. USBC was a nice thought but it’s like they didn’t think it though, that universal cable idea still doesn’t exist.

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“ Cough” “cough” nintendo switch


Are you saying that every cable with different version of their cable is wrong? Such as usb 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1. Also, the device will stop excess power input.

Tiz Schnitz

Finally a universal connector has arrived!!!

Please only use the cable that came with your device


Obviously nothing wrong with USB-c. This video is trash

Lost in Tennessee

The problem with usb-c is the chip it plugs into is built into the phone, therefore if it is dropped or something then the chip can bend/break and ruin the device. If a lightning design does the same it ruins the cable, easily replaceable


The main problem with USB-C is its shape, which traps lint inside and causes a loose fit eg when charging your phone.

I had the same problem with lightning, but it was easy to clean out while USB-C is way more difficult and intricate to carefully clear off lint.

Thor Treslan

I once forgot my Nintendo switch cable on a trip to Costa Rica, so I went to some sketchy tech place and bought one for like $10 cad. It charged my switch very slow, like the battery still decreased if I charged and played at the same time. Does anyone know if this damaged my switch? I’ve always been curious If that cable wrecked my switches battery and I just forgot how long my battery used to last.


Do they realize literally every cable works this way?

Raphael Jan Cañete Ferraris

Generic usb-c are not that good. Sometimes its too tight. And usb c to some hard drives keep disconnecting (original usb c that came with my hard drive. Didnt have that much problems with micro usb. Yup we can do more with usb c but cheaper generic brands dont all work that well.

ChampN MCraft

what I still dont get is this: so it uses a different protocol doesnt that just mean that the encoding or smth is different? I mean its literally just copper wire or am I just not getting smth?