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Played with Nucleus for the day, and had to take advantage of that $50 deal for the voltage core + drum bundle. For that price its a no brainer for me. I love VCV rack but cherry audio is well worth the $50 for the full vst daw integration and it does many different things far easier than in VCV (like setting up macros and stuff like that). So... You have some more Voltage modular tutorials coming soon? I dont see much online in terms of tutorials and i love getting new ideas for patches from vids. I would especially… Read more »

(pssst the discord link in your description is experied) Awesome video 🙂


Heyy this is super awesome! Looks like they are finally starting to give some competition to VCV rack. These guys have a major advantage with their free offering though, since they can fully integrate it into a daw. If vcv rack ever accomplishes that it will be legendary haha. For sure more inclined to use the cherry audio option now, simply because its easier to use in my daw. Vcv bridge works fine, but its still not ideal compared to this.


already downloaded and activated all free modules in the store but there is no oscillator ?