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Vincent Salamatino

Dam ADSR just got a huge update along with LoopCloud 4 dropping and XLN releasing the Kracken with XO. What a time to be in music.

David Callahan
I’ve been able to put together a portable studio for less than $200. I’ve got Cubasis running on my iPad, & I’ve paired that with an Akai Bluetooth keyboard. All of the sound-oriented apps are available in Cubasis & can be loaded as .au files, this dramatically reduces the processing overhead & all of the plugins can be removed once I’m satisfied with that particular track, leaving me free to add more tracks. Though I haven’t taken things down as far as they go, I believe that a 16 to 24 track of undefined size can be created without crashing.… Read more »
A. Cazanacli

Its a nice vst but it would be even cooler if it have had the simpler posibility for every sample that you choose


Hello, I'm desperately searching the video about low cost home studio, where you refer to a behringer headset. Can you help me locating your video? Thank you in advance

Jörg Wessels

But does Ableton's collect and save know which samples you loaded into this plug in?


Hey. I'm from Russia. Sorry for my English. I would like to know from you, did you somehow additionally process the sound? Did you turn on the sound card? What is a sound card? How triple your microphone connection? Which program did you record through?

Hushed Tones

Very cool for sample management, but your Ableton cpu usage goes to 20-30% with only 5 samples this must not scale very well especially with old laptops.
Cool workflow to create bed beats fast and then render the beat and do the technique you did again for other sounds

EastWest Beats

It overloads my logic pro and the ram. The scanning takes way too long! Granted I have a huge ass library but still

Einstein Essibu

This is really similar to loopcloud. But loopcloud also has its own splice-like-store. I just wish there was a manager just for vsts.


fuck yes! this is what i have been wanting for a while


A game change ! 🔥 (no need to ever spend money to have great plugins)


Integrating this into ableton Drum rack was really clever. Can you please review XLN AUDiO XO ? This also seems useful to be able to use your existing samples effectively

B Flip

this plugin sucks... its always crushing when i try change loops while playing the clip...

Caleb Bryant

Wow! Is ADSR the only option out there? I would be curious to try a few out to see what fits my work flow the best. Awesome video though!!!!!!!


Great video! Gonna download this asap! Also, I noticed that you use the built-in screen recorder on your mac, but how do you record system sound? Thanks! 🙂


hi how r u? love ur video.I have a question. i currently have garageband and the free version of fl studio, im goin to upgrade soon to a full version one. in my iPhone X i have a app called Music Studio and i have some nice sample trombones and wud love to use them in my Daws i have how is that possible.my idea was to use my iPhone and my yamaha mx 49 to control the sounds but i what to record them in my macbook. any help will mean a lot thanks


Dope. Always love everything ADSR does. This is super useful.


This is cool and most of all Free. I have so many sample sounds. Over $5k at least I have them organized by products. Omnisphere, Spitfire, Komplete 11, etc. Supposedly it works on all DAWS. I have Studio 3.6. I'm gonna check this out this weekend. Thx for sharing.

walied ariefdien

trying to figure out how to get it working on Propellerhead Reason; anyone knows how?

Martin Skjønhaug

Great advice and nice demonstration Sanjay!👍🏽🎶😎


Your cpu must be burning with so many plugings running

Nikola Kalakovic

Kind of disapointing loosing ADSR controlls from simpler by a plugin from ADSR...


Damn bro💯💯💯💯. ...# I always will look up to you...you are insane bro💯💯💯... thanks for helping all of us...

Dj Rebel


The Triple S Republic

The site keeps giving me a Mac Version? Instead of Windows why?

Alex Gowers

Honestly, good sample renaming and the magic ctrl+f in Ableton's Live is better. I like to rename files with key and tempo for loops with mixed in key.


Oh wow. Thanks for sharing that tip. That’s an exciting workflow. Drum rack efficiency!


I downloaded the ADSR Manager but i dont know how to add it as a plugin into ableton. Maybe someone can help me?

David Crescencio

Well disguised sponsorship seems weird

I M P R O B A B L E music

Amazing tips. Lots of learning here, such a dope session !