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Goofy Meatball

Cool competition but I wanna know... Where's the chord of the month?


I want this keyboard 🎹 but I’m from Russia

Music Media

Omg wow I just had that keyboard I actually gave mine away for free only because I have to much music equipment as my space is small it’s so nice I still wanna compete 🔥

shoko hasegawa


Wahyu Riyanti

🎹...Piano Pig
Is The Best
" I love you"


Crystal May Pineda

When will this end? I mean, does it have a deadline?


What does 4th time round mean? Sry, I'm from Germany

Alchon Conley

I can’t download the track on my iPhone its not showing up can you make a YouTube version of the track

Warren Doris

Dude. I really like that intro sequence! Respect!

Stan Hildebrandt

I'm uploading a video for this, hope you like it!!


Yo love your vids man! I’m trying to participate but my video doesn’t seem to show up if you search the hashtag or is this normal? Anyway keep up the good work bro

Mugabo Nziza Fredy

Sorry is me that i m good at theory compared to performing and application
I wish we'll have competition for writting

Elbaze Raphael

Yo bro I hesitate between a nord and a yamaha Modx8, what do you advice me ? It would be for a simple use and for home studio


Question. Can I have multiple people be in one jam?

Vasilil Stan

Do we have to play just one instrument or we can add some more?


Can you put the piano part in an mp4 file so I can download it?


hi does anyone know what key its in? would be really helpful for solos for me thanks

Jeison 2 Irving

Do I gotta record my self with camera because I don't have one just the audio recorded


tried improvising over this, didnt really work, does anyone know what kind of scale u should use over this?

Lot Vanity Official

Ever thought of voice-over animation? You got a great voice sir.