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Henry Avery

Wth is it just me? Chloe looks like Young Leonardo in the thumbnail

Tariq Haddad

Returning the bag putting her with a mad woman difficult situations

Play Jay

Brightburn dark superman
And second
Dark mary poppins

Burnt chicken nugget 101

The movie was absolutely amazing the trailer doesn’t give away all of it just a lot of it it was very unpredictable


Should've ended it at 1:02 instead of telling people the entire plot

Kyle Lambert

I put mah dick pick in that bag hehehahahah arghahah

V's bias ARMY

Is this movie worth watching...? 👀👀

Rian Weston-Dodds

I like how women are the villains now lol

She is not even from France! Greta Hideg is not a French name! I have lived with francophones my entire life, and the only thing that gave away her "Frenchness" was Isabelle Huppert's accent. Greta was actually Hungarian. I speak French at a sort of fluent level, and I honestly only understood the moments she called Frances "chérie". My sister goes to a French Immersion school and didn't understand anything of what Greta was saying in her non-English moments. The whole point of it was that I wish they put subtitles when she spoke Hungarian. I wanted to understand what… Read more »
namjinisthebestshipever bye

I went to the movies and I was the only one there watching it lol

Diego Rodríguez

With this trailer I don't think I need to watch the movie, it is all explained in less than 2 min.

First Last

I'm getting up there in that eccetric age. It's time i left bags for young hot guys and see who returns them 😉

ghost girl

I feel like there’s going to be a part 2


The trailer had me hooked untill she found the other bags. That's the point the trailer should have ended and left something to our imagination instead the trailer makes it out to look like just another generic stalker esc film that I won't me watching


My wife is too nice! I mean she is extra nice and I don’t like it!! ... and I’m carefully trying to get her back!

Imam Mulya Azra

i'm from pekanbaru in indonesia and i'm big fans chloë grace moretz so proud you all new chloë grace moretz movie greta now in theatres in united states what about indonesia i wish to bring number 16 psychological horror thriller drama blockbuster movie chart in united states and the arround world directed by neil jordan to theatres in indonesia maybe next month or next year this new world jordan peele horror's inspire like get out (2016) and upcoming us (2019) movie chloë grace moretz will see you now

YO ᗷᗩᗰᗩ

Can someone pls tell me the song at the beginning? (0:07-1:00)

Maria El Bakri

I found a Wallet in a Cap in Manhattan one time and I return it thank God didn't belong to Greta !

sheldin venus

plot twist: Greta gets wrecked by hit girl