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Love this guy, so informative and entertaining, look forward to the next vidjo 😃

Ville Torniainen

I'm in love with this channel! 🔥🔥 And great song that you've just released there!

Btw got to ask; have you got some connections to Finland? Your surname would imply that 😎


I would never leave my studio if it were mine...great synths and set up, Bo!

Alfredo Paris

I already use an ibrid "PC & hardware setup" cause i think it's the best for creative studio session (or live ) of course but it's not so easy !Thank for showing this!


Thank you Bo. You answered a lot of questions about your hardware/software workflow and routing! This is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish in catching the inspiration that often comes with the use of hardware and then being able to integrate it into software for editing. That mixer looks like a key player in accomplishing that goal. Thanks!

Lance Page

Thx for your insight Bo. Everything you say always makes perfect sense. I am somewhat surprised you have the PreSonus StudioLive 32. This very much makes me want one too.

Henri Rançon

Hi Bo, thx for for the very intersting videô . Did you try somthing like Pyramid or more advanced sequencer. ? I have both sl m’3 and digitakt but I.m not happy with their sequencer’ Sl mk3 is only quantized, 16 steps max ( or chain but that.s not easy), digitakt paramters are pattern based and there is no template. What are you tricks to overpass these limitations ? Thx

Christo Roppolo

The alternative is sampling a bunch of noises from individual synths to sequence a full song with a daw ( preferably mobile ) Or recording a full track live . Which I am becoming more drawn too when I work with hardware...Which I really prefer connecting via midi thru with a sequence coming from a synth with a keyboard...out to the other stuff with a drum machine driving the sequence source very primitive and straight forward but also very fun for improvising with a set of several patterns Peace Christo 👽🎶🐕🛸☮️💀

Steve Oakley
well done. I got a MOTU MIDI express XT to distro Midi from keyboard to hardware synths. I got the MOTU because I was trying to work around all the bugs in the beat step pro... and I sold the BSP after fighting with it for way too long. I haven't really found a sequencer I like yet aimed at recording your notes, easy editing. I also run a setup like yours : real hardware + soft synths running on separate mac as if they were real instruments. They run on analog or digital outs from one USB interface into… Read more »
Al Yeska

Icky. I love the sound of your entirety. It's refreshing to hear your character rather than all that bubblegum tutorial stuff. I look firward to an EP

Alexandre Leroux

Hi Bo, anything to say about MPE MIDI in such a crowded setup? I’m interested in hearing you discuss MIDI 2.0... while still relatively new, there’s plenty of MPE controllers out there and setting up mixed MIDI signals in a complex / crowded studio can be a challenge! Cheers — Alex / Satri, Animoog.org

Ryan Dean

Quite like the new series. Kudos! So, about your setup — have you had any trouble with MIDI feedback loops or sync issues caused by multiple devices trying to be master clock? I guess since you only have 4 devices feeding into the merger, you only have to keep those 4 playing nice. Which is good, since some instruments / sequencers don't like to stay quiet in that respect.


Such a nice setup. So flexible. I would love to hang out with you in your studio.


Bo this series is great! Inspiring stuff, & now I’m super jealous of that mixer