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Fiddy The Rapper

This is really valuable, and practical. Thank you


I love this! Thank you for the love, sternness and knowledge! God bless!

Iyi Hayat

Miritreus was here. I am promoting my music like this, is that ok? How can I do even better?

Duck Ass

if you watch this without audio it looks like a karate tutorial


I find it quite shocking you have the time to breathe mid sentence. Very impressive indeed.

Sneakergang Tee Why

Thanks 🙏🏾 this is my first time seeing one of your videos lots of great game I definitely Subscribed Im fina start on my 90 days btw the when you where talking about staying Consistent with the full 90 days you hit the nail on the head

Nick Hill

Sold, I passed up this video because I was being a lazy bitch. Thanks for sharing your to-the-point knowledge and tips. This stuff needs to be said. You have to put in the work...

J Canan

This is great bro!! Time to put in a little work guys! Can't expect something from nothing, you always want to put in your best effort and watch what happens!

Omar pierre

I accept the challenge #1000 fans in 90 days let’s do it.u think I could do it ? hit that like emoji and wash me grow 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cameron Lee Music

I really like the layout with the easel in the studio. You said you wanted to know if we liked it. 🙂


Great video! What do you guys think a new rapper should interact with a new fanbase on facebook?

InfinityFlame Productions

Hey yall follow me and I got you back! Let's go on this journey together


I challenge you all to the #1000in90 challenge. If you're all in let me know as a reply to this comment.

Zion Mesa

Thanks, I thought this would be crap. But this actually seems like a good idea

Jacob Blackwood

Great video very useful and good tips for the pages I'm starting up to start building a fanbase for my music content


Basically you're talking spam. Those platforms will kick you off if they catch you.

Rap Sure Records BEATS

Is that dune 3 in the background?


Something that ive wondered about for a while, in regards to being interesting and stuff, should your bands social media only post relevent to music or would it work better adding some extra stuff in too like for example you're not on tour so cant show any funny tour videos or pictures and you've posted about the same song 3 days in a row would it be seen a unproffesional to post something a little random, like i collect comic books could i make a random post about that? if that makes sense?


Bruh I appreciate this. This was really informative and what I needed to take me to that next step. You’ve changed my life bro. Thank you


this was really good man. I'm about to drive the conversation in my post!


I just got like 60 followers in a few days from doing this, shit works bro

yoh Adamivy, if you are reading this, then please accept my thank you. you just earned a follower, your videos are what i needed. dont know why i never stumbled on these type of videos before. but im sure life does its thing, the right time comes when you need it most. and this is what i needed at this point, i just need to take the lessons as they come and start implementing them in my life. i think i have a unique style and approach to music. would love to hear your opinion on one of them. maybe… Read more »

Adam, this has been the most honest and legit video on a growth strategy I’ve seen so far. Props to you for quality content that isn’t filled with some spam bs to purchase services etc... thank you for sharing this method.

Lizzie Michele

This is brilliant!! I always appreciate you videos, loving the the more beefy how to video and the breakdown of the marketing techniques. Also love new teaching style, would maybe suggest going for a white or black board, saves paper and our planet 💕👍🏼