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Mate, when do you do a tutorial track like The Advent & Industrialyzer ?


when I try to load the preset it says: preset could not be loaded, it's probably broken. I'm using ableton live 10.0.2

Alessandro Messina

Really nice man! How you made the modular synth rack?


Damn dog this tutorial was fucking great, thanks! Love from Amsterdam

Darren Broomhead

Easily the best instructive videos on techno on the web👌🏻


SUPER INSPIRING as always mate!!!! And thank you so much for this rack, its awesome! Going to play with it now 🙂

Audio State

I can't import the racks into Ableton. I do have Ableton 10.0.6. What could be the problem?

Le Tambour

Your 909 sample pack is awesome! Value for money. Thanks

Andy Mart

Pls The same thing was done on third-party synths such as u-he DIVA,Sylenth,Re-PRO & etc...

Le Tambour

Another very good sound design tutorial with a fantastic rack ! ALL YOU NEED IS HERE !!! Thank a lot mate


Wow ! Can you show us too how you make those Dax j like kick and hi-hat behind the synth ? 🔥🔥

Evren Durmaz Dax

This Channel Is The Best TECHNO School

Kim JY

Wow it s the type of kick i am looking to recreate, any idea ?

no vnm

Amazing man thank you ! Love these sound! I am a huge fan off the polegroup sound like oscar mulero exium etc. so this vid is perfect


Ohh this is the best gift that you ever ever offer to us ... thank you so much !
i hope in your next tutorials , you go in this direction of techno ... hypnotic sounds like this and percussions ... without melodic stuffs ...like setaoc mass , Shlømo and oscar mulero ...


I cannot import it to ableton, how did you guys do it? (I'm using macOS)


WOW! Thank you for all your videos!!! I'd love to see how to make these drums and bass 🙂 keep the good work!

Hugues Dorcel

Hi Paul
A big thank you for all these videos that taught me a lot.
You have a real talent, and thank you for sharing it with us.