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skizz skizz

No buy from game flip way cheaper and legit I got 10 130s for $1

Ghostrain 11

Jay I have some extremely rare guns dm me on discord GHOST#5176

Pure Bandit690

Those are just legacys i have alot of them anyone wanna trade for em?

Ghostrain 11

Jay I have a 94 7 perk super shredder double element

R.I.PjahsehLLJ 13

I couldve got a 49 bullseye with energy I never got it tho

Lil YouAreTrash Fortnite

LOL i have a green double element gun

Fortnite Pro 2504

I have a green legacy grave digger nature

HaXzz Evolved

Hey guys wanna be like jay gamer and not play the game right and buy everything or scam. Then scream in your video


Your dumb asf i craft all those guns and i sell them for 10 sunbeam each your overpaying asf i craft the with the element too


You know they're worth like 2-3 sunbeam yeah?

Frenzii n0xen

Jay i got some green legacys and i want ro trade them


I can craft a green legacy fire pump @KillervNiNe

Hello Hello

Yo Jay gamer I’ve got a gun that I think that u may like

Andrew Martin

Jay ur missing 2 more out of the game... I have the other 2 cause one of them is a Snakebite pl 49 Legacy Fire element and the other one is a pl 38 rake with legacy nature element...... these are both 1/1s


Lol this all are worth nothing if you aren't a kiddo from plankerton that screams after seeing old perk system on weapons

joshua pope

I thought it was blastro and Jay gamer what's happened someone tell please

Geohero _2007

He scammed you dumbass he just upgraded them or stormsheilf/chest you retarted

STW the trader

I love jay gamer

I’m giving away STW gums once I get to 20 subs

Physical gaming

I can make a uncommon semi-auto sniper with energy

controller dominator

Lol I had all those I gave embto my friend because I didn't know they were rare

Alex Fernandez

Haha They are not worth 50 sun each, I bought them in dans discord and a lot of people can craft them. Lmao

Snoop Plays

So that's a ma Shit 😂 how do you not know my friend

Wolf candy gaming

I'm selling Green water automatic snipers 10 sunbeam

Zeeshan Sykes

Wow fortnite gg be selling 5000dps 130s RIP OFF for people who dont know what im talking about in fortnite gg ad the guy has loads of 130 candy corns but ehen u hot s 130 WITH 5000 DPS it prob has crap rolls cause i got a 58 that has 5000dps. They should give good dps guns FORT GG remem to chech dps before u bye it if u are lookin to use it for missions but if ur a noob u wont know the difference.🙂btw sub yo jay and like all his vids.

I Theo Gamer

I look at the thumbnail to see sunbeam around green guns like omg green guns are so rare I totally don’t have em