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Patricia Canas

How Dallon looks reminds me of his dad vines lmao

rafael marchante angulo

from my impartial perspective as a music making robot, this band deserves the attention it gets

ryantaco ninja

He looks like a teacher,, can he be my teacher

Sonya Walker

This song is dope should be number one song in I can't believe the song is that so cool I probably listen it to like 100 times a day cuz like man is so dope that's awesome shout out to all these people who watch this you good you are my soul

Stay Hydrated

I didn't know Matt Bellamy and Ninja used to have a band...


Thank you YouTube recommend for bringing me here 😀


i come from the future, this song is part of the fifa 20 soundtrack

Yoshi’s World

I’m really starting to like this band but their songs are kinda dark

Drunk on Chicken

I want this man to do me all the time


A band full of Dallon writing? This is a dream come true!

Benjamin Meijer

This was definitely a part of 1960s Aperture Science experimentation.


Fuck Ryan is so cute damn I'm gonna die


these kids never heard the INXS song?