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Happy Puppy Denim

Chris, is this a mix with the masters materclass or a seperate company?


It's a class not a studio session. This masterclass is for beginners and also for advanced ones, they need to have a balance.


i tot your gonna rest doing youtube video?

Autumn Gard

I have always been curious about the Masterclasses. Thanks for giving us the insight! And I agree with you, getting footage of him documenting a real session would be so amazing.


Been thinking about the master class & this video popped up im going to give it a go since im starting into producing it be great to join & Improve . but great break down bro plus the beat u made firee i just subscribed keep killing it.

Roberjoe François

The beat you made out of the stems is sick man. Again, thank you for your upload it's always inspiring and motivating 💪✨


1. I wish the class was a "real" studio session narrated by Timbaland
2. The quality of the class was very high
3. If you're a fan of timbaland, it's worth it.
4. I flip the stems they provided here: 3:28

Listen to the full song here: https://soundcloud.com/prodbychris/masters

06 Tasty Beats
I started making beats out of Garage Band about 3 months ago off my computer and and a AKAI Mpk mini 2 as a gift for my birthday. And I’m really enjoying it and want to continue on the next level and upgrade to Logic Pro X. I just been teaching my self how to make beats videos and other clips on YouTube. So I want to take it to the next level. Only problem is Beat Making cost a lot of money for equipment.( Plus I live in New Zealand so 50 US dollars are 70 NZ dollars so… Read more »

"while they are still alive" ouch he aint that old haha. jeez.

Hey quick question. When you record yourself making beats. Do you just get all your cameras going and do your thing and record everything in one take and edit it later? Or are you getting up and stopping the cameras every time the beat advances further? Im really struggling with this. Not quite sure of the best process to document. I keep getting too caught up in the camera stuff and lose the energy for producing the beat. Seems like just letting the cameras rip and forgetting about them is the best approach. Is that how you do it? Your… Read more »

Also is that the ikea hack desk? Been thinking about doing that. Super clean looking.

Zed Gliss

maaaaan, it's sooo dope! Thank you for sharing and also inspiring us. You are a big professional! Sending love from Russia 😉

Robert Nyawade

like this toturial,...fast and lots of infos,...well done


the beat you made sounded so deep. Love the vibes on it! Keep it up Chris! You such a good producer. Thanks for sharing this awesome tips. i learn alot 🙂

Josh Ortolaza

Second video of yours I've watched in a row...you cool people bro, subbed


Yo bro big up on the skin remember watching like a couple of months ago and the progress you've made looks great! nothing music related just happy to see you achieving what you wanted.


Do you have vinyls or printed album covers on your walls? If it is printed, please tell me how to do it.