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Chris Thomas

I can see downtown Macon in those shots glad you made it love the music listened from beginning great song!keep doing what you doing!

Reid.D Music

I don't normally do this on other peoples videos but i am trying to get my name out there. I only have one cover up with more to come but if any of y'all reading this could take a look at it and give me some feedback that would mean the world to me

Cummins Crew

This song hits me right in the feels... My life has been one downside to another, had to move away from all the bad things that were effecting my health keep it up

Sheyann Newman

Why am i just now hearing this song. I thought it was a new song till i seen the date on here. Love it tho. I will ALWAYS be a country music lover! Just somethin about it

neverendless Bay

Sounds really good.keep up the hard work.descibes my whole life

Bloodbought 22514

It sounds like a song of freedom. There's pain involved, but the end is freedom... a place where you can go where no one knows you and you can start over new, and you aren't stuck in the same old pattern of interacting with all the same people and interacting with them in the same way all the time.

Jo Cherrey

Omg, I love this man...he never disappoints!

Shytowngrl Me

I would follow you anywhere you wanted to go 💚🥰

Brandy Noble

Left my home town in Texas, moved to Louisiana to live with my fiance.

1337.1y43 zincbender!!!?

Nice writing... familiar sound. Ty

Saved? on esluP X-3

richmond indiana aint nun but a rearview mirror

Jason Starks

Man another song that makes me think this guy knows my life story

DaveFrom Accounting

Dobson,Nc ain't nothing but a rearview town!

Leilani Himes

Jasons ex wife Brittany is a gold digging tramp. She cheated on Jason and Her new baby Navy Rome Isnt His Baby. So Brittany go find your real babies dad and leave Jason alone

Joann Jarrell

I was thinking about leaving my town when I heard this song and that was all I needed I was gone in a few weeks and never looked back I was 58 a new life and beginning

Anthony Coe

I need to move from naptown it’s too small it’s nothing but a rear view town

Enaj Almonte Salonga

This guys voice reveals his heart out loud...how he sings makes me so relax...

Charlito Guzman

This song is a complete masterpiece. It has the powerful primal power cords of a rock n roll classic,then the country aspect of the lyrics and vocals of Jason Aldean. From start to finish Rearview Town was a masterpiece.

Robert Green

I can definitely relate to this song. The place I grew up in. “ain’t nothing, but a rearview town”.

Angel Santiago

I'm not a country music fan, but I can relate to this song. Really hits home...

Klayton Manning

This song helped me get over my ex. We dated for 1 years and we're engaged 3 mouths. Then she left me for another guy

El Republicano

It ain't nothing what it use to be,
Population minus STEVE.

Johnny Ray

Jason you make it sound easy...Small roots grow deep...

Stieger_fx 1

I can say for a curtain fact that despite the fact this song was written last year (as of March 24, 2019) the song is still played on the radio (for some reason it wasn't played much when it was first released, i would know cuz ALL I listen to is country, all day ever day) i actually heard it 2 times in the last like 3 days on the same station.

Sean Barrett

ok so ths is Patricia Barrett... and I love Mr. Jason Aldean...


I would love to have the font of the lyrics in this video, can anyone tell me the name of them? 🙂

Ava kittenlover

My dad made me listen to for the first time the other day. Since then I have known the song by heart, and listen to it on repeat all the time, whenever my dad pull you tube up on our T.v. I'm like "PLAY REAR VIEW TOWN!!!!!!!" so he does and I love him for it

Matthew Asher

Have you ever heard a country singer murder a beat if u said no u lied u just did