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The next Pocket Operator is "Rick and Morty" themed. I shit you not.

Mad Mohawk Films

Thank you Jakob for this info. Much Appreciated

Joshua Boden

Hell yeah brother! 80HD Squirrels Unite! I’m right there with you man!

nopee Nopeee

Ehm what do you think about the new Skulpt synthesizer with 32 oszillator for under 300 bucks

Judith Heron

YES! Jakob 😁 thanks for doing this video. So excited about all the tools at our fingertips!!

* AnimalHeadSpirit *

Hot tip for ya: You know how you can drag an already recorded sequence to another sequence and it’ll give you the option to either append it to the end of the sequence or mix it in bar for bar ? Try appending a 2 bar sequence to the end of your 62 bar one — there’s your 64 bar... append 64 to another 64, 128 bar...and on and on... You basically have any length you want. Was still working after it ballooned up to over 2000 bars., not that I’ll ever use that many. Enjoy 🙂

The Drümünkey
I’m not troll’n, maybe I’m just dense... been following this on Audiobus forum... But I don’t understand why you would sample into this from another instrument that’s perfectly capable of being sequenced on its own... What is the killer feature here over pretty much any other sample based drum machine or groove box that has people wetting their panties? For example, if I was into sample based productions, GR16 would kill this thing with it’s eyes closed... What am I missing?Or why would you sample from the Tonic? It kicks ass by itself. If you want more fx, just use… Read more »
Chris Walker

Great video, Jakob! I have been using Koala since it came out and believe it is maybe the best iPhone music making app out there! It looks great on my iPad, but only few apps also work great on my smaller iPhone. Koala does! It feels like I carry a powerful sampler in my pocket (plus think of all the adult movies you could sample into it directly from your phone! 😉 )

Dave Trombetti

Seriously? Someone was whining about your little entertaining breaks in the subject matter? People need to get a sense of humor and have a little fun. I can go read a manual to be bored but I want to be entertained. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

JohnG TV1977

Unless I misunderstood...31 doubled is 62!


I like off topic taking a leak thought pattern randomness.

Jim Shannon on Sounds

Koala Sampler is CAD $5.49 but still a good deal. Thanks Jakob 👊

Joe O'Hagan

I watched that intro at least 10 times, you never cease to amuse Mr Haq

Emiel333 Official

And yes ohh yes, I clicked on your link and bought it immediately!!! Now I’m gonna get my fingers prepared to figure all the good stuff inside Koala Sampler. And btw in Euro’s it costs only €4.49 and I saw that they’ve updated the app with extra effects like a compressor and so on. You made my day, Jakob!

Emiel333 Official

Cool, cool, cool!!! I will check it out on the App Store, Jakob. Best regards, Emiel.

Andy Channelle

Well, this is an essential purchase. I dropped it into the effects slot on an AUM mixbus, making it possible to route loads of different synths, hardware and vocals directly into the sampler. Once it has sample looping, it’s going to slay. Thanks for recommending.

firat muftuoglu

Jakob, I would like to ask about PO-33 KO. What is the best way to get quality samples from electric or bass guitar regarding connection.can I connect the guitar directly to the PO33?and my guitars are passive.

Iq Nill

Hey Jakob, Can you drive the Koala from sequencers in AUM, like Bram's drum sequencer?

Tom Woods

Great video man. Thank you. I’ve been looking at this one. But about to get a new iOS DaW. I was wondering if Nano, Cubasis or Auria are able to assign samples onto pads like Koala? Btw I’ll be also recording a lot of my own samples too. Thanks my man. Good job . I’ve learned a lot from you.


I'm more interested in the pocket operator, myself. What is it and who makes it?

Pete Johns

Excellent demo Jacob! And I for one LOVE when you go off on a tangent. 🙏


No more regrets for returning my PO-33, wasn't using it much this is the perfect replacement


Jakob, do you know does the usb3 (mk0w2zm/a) adapter work properly with usb2 sources as well?


“You’ll never guess...hahaaaa” you lovely dork.

Cookie Monster

UCA-222 will also work on all i-devices .

Dillip Phunbar

fun app...microsoft store doesn't have it...oh well

Matheus Barros

You hiding on the beginning: instalike 😀 lol

wayne anderson

Dumb question- but i bought the iPhone app last night but didn’t see if it was universal or do I still have to purchase it separately for my iPad? I haven’t looked yet. Thanks!


oh my word. It just self clips the samples??

clement heron

Looool i love your introductions! Next time maybe you will come from the roof? Or why not on the tv screen ? 😄
Thank you for sharing!


Nice vid Jakob. Appreciate ya! We need landscape on this and TF8 already! and TriqTraq...and Kaossilator...LOL

Howard Anderson

Very cool, you’ve brought another excellent episode to the community. Thanks!
This is such a no brainer, I have an iPad and I’m getting the app right after I finish my comment.
You can ADD or ADHD as much as you want...