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Frederikus Parhusip

I Iike it song🙌 i am from indonesia

xerox boss

Boooo this sucks what happened to the good music.

Ann Shee

Koffee you really are talented😊... continue with the same spirit 🔥🔥

TonyHamilton Ck

koffee... toasts...

this mf just hungry

Jeremiah is a goat

Who else is smacking on some toast while viewing this vid 🤔🍞🤤

Honey Dubey

Be Thankful & Be Grateful! ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🌱


why does my headset smell like cannabis all of a sudden

Quinn McDonald

This song is the song of 2019. Best thing I’ve listened to all year. Big up

Ryan Lauderdale

I actually enjoyed this song with a piece of toast.

Brandon Burns

I dont know what she saying... But i can def feel the vibe...

Allan Bamboo

Affi give thanks cause we really suppose to be thankful

Primo Kriepa


Especial 2X1

Sad that in Jamaica still the LGTB community is persecuted and hurt wildly, I find that so contradictory, its music is so happy and it is such a colorful and lively country. I can not fully enjoy their culture just for that.

Mikaylah Grogans

I can only imagine how mad the hairdresser was at her for moving my mom would’ve fucking whooped my ass 😂

Simply Shanalee

This slapss, amazing. I can listen to you all day <3