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Speedy DTM

This will be the last episode following the monthly format — episodes are going to be bimonthly from now on because of how much time it takes to create them. I've been kinda neglecting other things I need to do to get these out. Stay tuned for a channel update.

Siana Gearz
For the sake of design simplicity — because synchronising asynchronous communication between units is actually kinda hard and definitely shouldn't be taken for granted in that era — i suspect there's a 32MHz master clock which gets integer divided for the H8/300H. There really is no massive hurry to max out its performance, since most of the heavy lifting would be performed by ASICs, and you'd easily get good enough performance even at lower clock rates on the H8, but 16 MHz is a good bet.That little can besides one of the ASICs is 32 MHz, not KHz. How can i tell?… Read more »
Xavier Radix

Some amazing sounds coming from this little box! As expected from Korg :).
And yet again, you did a great job at creating a informative, interesting and fun video to watch! Already can't wait for the next vid to come out :).

ベンゲル の カナズミトム
Nice review but I still prefer the SC and SD modules. The songs made on them simply convinced me more than the arrangements presented in this video that were made on a Korg N5 device. So you couldn't convince me to buy one. 😉 jokes aside This device wasn't marketed to people like me which have their focus mainly on acoustic instruments. In this department the SC and SD modules are the better choice (atleast for me). On the N5 there was nothing that amazed me so much like the several great tunes made on a SC/SD module. For me… Read more »

Thanks for the great review Speedy! City N5 is such a lovely tune!

DCT Master

keep it up Speedy, I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Fernando Covett

Very informative and extremely well produced. Congratulations. 🙂

Harumi Makoto
It's because of Speedy I got an NS5R — all his talking about the quirky thing on the DTM Server got me interested in having one, and initially I was meant to get his NX5R after this video! But then he got hooked alongside me, and we both love our devices, because these things are super fun. Ai2 is really, really powerful even out of the box — and multitracking them for post-processing makes them shine that much more. Pick one up if you've got spare cash or space, they'll do you well.Ultimately I'm glad the decision to get an NS5R that… Read more »