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RScott S

Hey Chris, just had to drop you a note here and say I've been watching your demos for a long long time. I've always enjoyed them, but also want to say your playing has improved significantly over time and you look a lot healthier too — I'm so happy for you! Be blessed Chris and thank you for your work as we seek our 'perfect' board. 😉 best, Robert


What a weak ass overpriced keyboard, like all Kurzweil products and anything else sold by Jews.


Yesterday i was trying the sp6 playing with my band. Swing, jazz songs etc. The piano sounds was so flat and thin that it was almost non existant. The band described the sp6 sound as "empty" and i agree. Sorry to say that sp6 is a mediocre or bad piece of gear. Dead and unresponsive pianos like 9ft grand. Bad sounding pianos like 7ft grand (really bad!).
Fortunately there are two nice pianos from the k2600 samples. Thats all.


Have you ever tried the Korg Krome 88 im about to pull the trigger but can`t decide on Krome 88 ,Kurzweill SP7,Roland DS88 , Yamaha MX88,Kross 2 88.So the budget is around 1000—1300 but the Krome is on the higher end like 1500 but its a little more superior in capabilities i think and has a touch screen.


With 8 arpeggiators onboard and yet no demo of some evolving cool pad sounds, Synth lead, Bass line or Drum track?

Simon Hoban

Has anyone noticed that with the 'smear' effect on the kb3 organs on Kurz you always tend to hear the individual notes rather than the percussive effect we're after. Still, at this price point it's a great bonus to have it


I love the user interface. Seems like it’s very easy to use. I dig it. Wish they did a 61 synth action key version tho.

Maafa 1619

At only 27lb, the action couldn't be acoustic grand like with full length wooden keys, and the case has to be plastic. Plus, 128 note polyphony is unacceptable at this price-point.

Mark Landes

I want either this or forte. What should I get?