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Sai Ki

Wow that's cool effects Andre ... You're awesome men.

Anthony Heastrup

And just like that, mind blown- killer patch for that solo, and superbly performed!


Not a fan of jazz or synth sounds. You my friend take the lemons and make sweet lemonade!

All About Guitars

That distortion sounds new
Awesome btw!!!


One sub lost during the making of the video.
His Loss

Love your work mate, Keep it going!!


This takes me back to the 80s somehow... even though I wasn't even born yet hahaha. Great playing again Stel!

roberto lucca

Do remember the name of the preset ? Thanks...nice playing (like the outside attempt)

Al Truist
Great stuff Stel Andre — this is precisely the music I've moved on to in my older years, after I outgrew my hard rock phase (I still love hard rock, don't get me wrong, but we mellow as we age, like fine wine!). I highly recommend listening to smooth jazz guitarists like Norman Brown, Chuck Loeb (RIP), Peter White, Russ Freeman (Rippingtons), Paul Brown, Nick Colionne, Nils Jiptner, Ronny Jordan (RIP), Larry Carlton, Acoustic Alchemy, and on and on and on... perhaps some of you are still too young for smooth jazz (lol) but don't ever forget about it, keep it… Read more »
Rodrigo Gonzalez

God dammit... I'm so mad with you right now 😡😠... now I have to buy a Axe FX III...

PD: no joke, I'm ordering it on Monday 😝

Thee Obeast One

As soon as the guitar hit I looked at my girl with seductive eyes and I was like “ayyye”

vimal kumar

Different sound.........
Love from india stel andre.

Rama Ramces Sege

I like your videos, can you like n subscribe my videos too ??