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Ashlyn C

Hello! Have an amazing day! You are loved!!!

Gisele Cardoso

#Limitless,simplesmente maravilhoso,#ThePianoGuys o Brasil te ama muito,mas eu e minhas filhas te ama mais😘😘😘😘

Brian McKay

You guys were awesome in Jax last night!! My family and I always love seeing everything you do at your shows. No spoilers here... Just please come back again soon!


Спасибо, такая восхитительная музыка. Она наполняет меня вдохновением и силами

Meleah Ridd

I was at your concert at Tuacahn. (I've been listening to Jon Schmidt's music for over twenty years and love your group so much. I) I'd been having a really rough time and was not feeling like myself or enjoying things I normally do. But listening to your music at tuacahn, and then your limitless album in my car afterwards, really helped me return to some normalcy and set a flame in my soul again. Thank you!

Daniel Bastani

I really enjoy listening to this music wish you the bests❤❤
and keep going in this way🤩

La Vans

Thank you for your music. You guys have really helped me on my Ph.D journey. I decided to go back to school in another country and it has not been so easy. But your music has brought me home time and time again, helping me to keep my focus towards my goal. So thank you and keep up the wonderful, hard (tear dropping times included), and beautiful work Piano Guys.

Alvin Jenson

I love you Piano Guys! I play both piano and cello and you guys rock!

Cassidy Beckstrand

I love being able to listen to such calming new music from you guys

Francisco Araujo

Beautiful!!!!! Beautiful!!!!! Beautiful!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!

Anna R

Thanks for it amazing song. I love your music, guys <3

Rita ronzoni

Wow, this piece is fantastic!!! 😍😍 I love your music and I hope that one day you will do a concert in Italy. Keep it up guys💪🏻💪🏻

Rita ronzoni

Wow, this piece is fantastic!!! 😍😍 I love your music and I hope that one day you will do a concert in Italy. Keep it up guys💪🏻💪🏻

Jaime VH

1st time listening to "Limitless" while doing work. It was so neat, fresh and Wow! that I stopped and had to say, "Great Job! You got my attention!" 🙂

Denise Silva

Muito lindo o poder que a música tem de nos tocar!

neha pol

Have been a huge fan of your music for many years now... and this one draws you in. Its so melancholy especially towards the end

Wynn FPV

I have a question for you guys! messaged you on FB Messenger!


I heard this song at school and I was trying to find it for ages and I found it! Yes!!

David Sánchez

Anyone knows where is the beach with the waves on both sides that is shown on the background? 😮 it looks amazing!

Huckabee Studios

This is one of those songs that I wasn't to impressed with when I first heard it. Then I listened to it a second time, and it was good. Third time was even better. It gets better every time I listen to it. Its an acquired "taste".


I just can't put into words how beautiful this is. Emotions all through the music. Thank you soo much TPG !

Renata cardoso giongo

Difícil palavras para descrever o encanto que liberta a alma! Sonoridade simplesmente maravilhosa!

Kaitlyn Maughan

Can you do Limitless at the Pyramids? Me and my parents were watching and I thought it would be a great idea

Grayson Smith

You guys have to do some of the Chronicles of Narnia themes, I know you guys can!

Sydney Anglin

Yo I’m doing a performance to this song and it’s litttttt af

Adam Cruz

In my opinion, I enjoy their compositions better than the covers. The covers are still amazing and beautiful, but their original songs are Heaven!

Randy Miles

Why don't you let the waves FULLY collide! I keep waiting for it, anticipating, then it is about to happen: they are crashing together ... and then the image fades out to start over! Very frustrating! (But I love the music!)